Palm Treo Problems

Ha – I just wrote about how unhappy I’ve been with my Treo 650 and to spite me it went into an endless loop thing after a hot synch and now the phone won’t turn on. I did find this nice Treo Troubleshooting forum post which has a lot of helpful stuff and links, but I also am deciding that my price point for a Google Phone is going up – way up if I have to buy a new phone in any case.

The Treo is too much an example of tech designed for tech people rather than regular folks. It’s a good phone though Sprint rural connectivity has been very lacking and I always find myself wanting a better browser and also a modem for my laptop. My old little sprint cell gave great modem capabilities even with regular service (Sprint only supported them in a marginally weird way after I bought a Sprint branded but “no longer supported” connection cable and software). I think they were gearing up for the EVDO stuff.

(hours later) I’m not finding an easy fix for the Treo problems so it looks like a complete reset will be needed. I’m reading for a Google phone now.

12 thoughts on “Palm Treo Problems

  1. This week on my Palm Treo when I dial a number it responds “dialing”; however, there is no ring or connection. Others say it goes through to them, but I can’t hear them and the screen stays frozen. Any suggestions?

  2. I have a Palm Treo 650 that won’t dial out sometimes. I dial the number and after a few seconds the screen returns to the main menu. I also do not get as good a signal as my daughter, who has the exact same phone when we are in the same location. Do I need a new antenna or does anyone know what the problem could be?

  3. my keypad on my treo 600 is not working properly, the letters: A,Q,L,O and the back arrow on the scroll pad are not working, any advice on how to fix this problem would be helpful

  4. Jama that sounds like a weak signal issue but can’t explain why the other phone works.

    Nate sounds like dirt in there – maybe try some compressed air or take it in for a cleaning?

  5. i have treo 650, and all it keeps doing is trying to connect to hotsync, it wont do anything else. it won’t even turn on.

    not to mention when i actually bought the phone they said they dont put insurance on those kinds of phones.
    so any suggestions?

  6. Felicia I have trouble also with hotsync and don’t even do it anymore. After you make sure you are fully charged and reboot by removing battery for 3+ minutes and reinserting you may need to do a complete reboot of the phone – I forget how but look online for “rebooting treo 650”

  7. HELP
    after hot-sync w/my MAINBASE DESKTOP the fol happened when i used my PALM TREO 650:
    “-Unnamed” shows up
    (All my CONTACT names from S-Z have vanished!(most probably as -Unnamed)))
    now both the handheld & desktop are showing the same KAPUTT info !
    before i try2recover this info from my (latest CD copy Jan 2008) maybe i can get it back to the most recent updated data.
    without loosing all my data from Jan 08 to the present.
    tkx in advance
    steve sremaniak
    gartenstr 27
    63150 heusenstamm

  8. My Treo often simply automatically resets itself. I resets to default settings.

    Also, when I depress the “ON” button, it may take 10 to 20 seconds to start?

  9. I have a palm treo 750. Yes it has loads of stuff on it. but ive had problems with freezing , memory storage, mms, instant messing etc. I’m on o2 who are useless, strange just like my Palm Treo 750 phone……

    If anyone can help me please do. My advice DON’T BY A PALM TREO 750……………’s @@@@.

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