FOX Sucks

So I’m watching the ‘Teen Awards’ with my 11 year old daughter. Hilary Duff, Hannah Montana, and, WTF!!?? (pls forgive the modern parlance) here comes Snoop Dog and then the “Party like a Rock Star” finale.

Here are the lyrics from FOX’s awards show targeting kids of all ages:

i’m on a money makin mission
but I party like a rockstar
flyin’ down 20 lookin’ good in my hot car
you know them hoes be at my show
worried bout where my chain go
I uh rubba in ma pants
but these hoes won’t let my thang go

I uwa like I uwa
cuz you know them hoes be tryin us
hoe don’t you know I fuck wit fine dimonds
that look like Pa-me-la
they fine and they hot bra
when i’m in the spot bra……

Let me just say on behalf of a lot of parents that I’m so totally sick of the BS that passes as family fare. This is not prudish, it is a recognition that the extensive commercializing of kid-focused media is leading to a complete distortion of what should be considered appropriate family content.

Almost all sane people favor media censorship in some forms. For example most favor restrictions on child pornography and consider it a parental obligation to keep kids away from extreme violence and adult content. But FOX and other network “family shows” that use adult themes masquerading as “Family Fare” make it almost impossible to do what parents are obligated to do – restrict adult themes. This is especially outrageous because critics of censorship typically argue that parents are simply avoiding their obligations when they rant against the media’s sexual assault on children. “just turn off the TV” squeak the idiots who generally don’t have kids, have a huge monetary stake in continuing the media’s sexual assault on children, and rarely provide a thoughtful solution to the growing challenges facing a modern, open minded parent. Do you advocates for unrestricted modern media have *NO* shame? NO creative solutions to this? Or are you just too drugged out, drunk, or morally bankrupt to care at all?

2 thoughts on “FOX Sucks

  1. I totally agree with you. I personally am offended by most of the stuff they claim to be “family fare. There are more people out here that feel the same way.

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