Children’s Musical Theater of Oregon – Bravo!

Here in Southern Oregon we’ve got a lot of outstanding professional and community theater action going on. The Children’s Musical Theater of Oregon is no exception. We just enjoyed their excellent performance of Peter Pan, complete with amazing flying effects, great costumes, rich sets, and some outstanding performances by very talented young people.

CMTO is the product of Rhonda and John Taylor’s enthusiasm for working with theater and with children. Rhonda teaches school and John is a very accomplished musician and director who has worked with many musical luminaries as well as two years at the Las Vegas Bellagio as the musical director and keyboardist with Cirque du Soleil’s “O”.

One of the benefits of living here in Southern Oregon is having great professionals in theater, music, movies and television who bring their expertise and enthusiasm to our community.

More about Peter Pan from Mail Tribune

3 thoughts on “Children’s Musical Theater of Oregon – Bravo!

  1. Hello Joe !

    Thank you so much for the very flattering comments – I found your site doing a Google search, and was pleasantly surprised by your very kind words…

    I’m so happy you enjoyed our “Peter Pan” production, and I hope you’ll introduce yourself to us if and when you attend our future performances !

    With warmest regards,
    John Taylor.

  2. Hi Joe, Is CMTO still around in 2014? We used to be neighbors of John and Rhonda Taylor in Ashland a few years ago. Saw their production of “Peter Pan” and loved it. Their later production of “Oklahoma” in the Craterian Theater was truly a Winner! Now that we’re retired and living here all the time, we look forward to see some more productions from CMTO, but never can find any references or ads about their performances. The Taylor’s son, Zane (all grown up now), was in a recent production at Camelot Theater. I should have pulled him aside and asked him what’s going on with CMTO. Any info would be much appreciated. Thanks!

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