Google will strike gold with mobile OS

Well, Google does it again with yet another online brilliancy. How do you market a “Google Phone” without paying a dime for hardware development? Engaget is reporting that Google appears more likely to release a mobile OS to multiple phone vendors rather than develop it’s own phone. This is a *really clever* approach because it will allow Google to maintain core competency focus on software and advertising, something that founders appear to think has been lacking lately with the many aquisitions. Also, this will bring market forces to bear to quickly lower the price of iPhone-like mobile devices. How does Google benefit from lower prices on browsing phones? Why, ADVERTISING of course! Ads remain about 98% of Google revenue and mobile ads are arguably the online sector with the most explosive growth potential. Rather than go head to head with the iPhone Google will continue to sing it’s praises and then simply scoop up all the juicy advertising revenues as users demand Googley browsing capabilities on their phones. Vendors may get squeezed by customers to lower prices on the phones but Google still comes out a big ad winner.

No wonder they can throw such a lavish Google Party every year!

5 thoughts on “Google will strike gold with mobile OS

  1. Martin the Google phone is not out anywhere yet. Google is rumored to be negotiating with phone makers now. I’m guessing they are shooting to have Googleized phones available for Christmas, which would be another brilliant timing stroke. At a price point of about $100 (this was speculated – I don’t think they can get them this cheap) phones optimized for Google internet browsing could become the biggest Christmas present item in history.

  2. Do you think that Google will be able to make a big move into the phone space? It is pretty crowded and the big handset makers all already have their OS of choice (winmob, symbian, osx, etc..). So if they’re talking to some of the more independent makers and if they haven’t secured a carrier (or multiple carriers) to sell their phone, I don’t know how much impact they can have. Of course, they are Google and that brings with it a good deal of power. 🙂 I’m certainly curious to see how this plays out! And more choice (especially more *good* choices) is always better for me. Heh!

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