Battelle will be back at Mash!?

John Battelle‘s already giving up on Mash and I think that’s too bad.   He’ll be back because I think it’ll catch on… unless Yahoo fails to evangelize properly.    Umm – wait a minute.   Yahoo !   Evangelize!!!!!

Here’s the comment I could not post over at Searchblog because I gave up on the  4th time with the captcha.   Searchblog is still a good resource though I think it suffered greatly when John went off to build the Federated Media Empire.   Today’s challenge posting was a perfect example of why I’m getting tired of putting in my “valuable” comments at A list websites only to be treated poorly by tech problems, short replies, or no feedback.

Social media / social centric blogging will soon trump the current elitism that is damaging blogging and that’s a good thing.    I’m finding the best stuff is coming from peole who are not read enough.  That can be fixed though Google’s ranking system is getting in the way of that for sure – but this is for another post.

——  To John at SearchBlog —-

Wow John, I think you’ve given up too soon.  Yes it’s too much like Myspace but there are some great features that bring Yahoo’s strength to bear in social networking.  Blog and picture integration are good features but the threaded conversations *across different profiles* is a feature I’ve not seen before – it’s a very good way to get people talking, like MyBlogLog does.

For example I’ve given up on SearchMob and even commenting here because as much as I appreciate your wisdom on things this is very one-sided.   I give my .02 in thoughtful comments and get back…very little, because most A list folks are far too busy building empires to actively engage with the rifraff bloggers out there.  That’s OK, but’s regular blogs don’t reflect the web in all its powerful 2.0 social glory.  The holy grail for blog/social media is where we get away from the “A list” and towards socializing that is spawned from the belly of the internet beast itself – ie where socializing springs from natural relationships of people and sites.   Facebook and now Mash are facilitating that change, and it’s a great one.

3 thoughts on “Battelle will be back at Mash!?

  1. Thanks Chance. I did but I’m still having problems using Firefox on Windows XP. I think it’s not local to me but don’t have time to troubleshoot over there now…

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