Yahoo Mash is cool

I’m enjoying Yahoo Mash so far. email me if you need an invitation as it is still in beta:

Here are some observations for what they are worth:

* Lots of search and SEO folks in the beta so far. This will probably make early feedback very different,and a lot more sophisticated than what it would be with a normal online sample.

* Business features lacking. I agree with others who are noting this is a bit “too much” like MySpace which is inferior to Facebook and LinkedIn. You can do a hybrid of all these here, so bring in more biz networking features ASAP and it’ll get early adopters and influencers on board fast.

* More blog integration /mybloglog stuff would be nice. I’d like to use Mash as a way for people to talk about blog posts at my blog and others. I can’t get the RSS feed to work in my Mash profile so far ( )

Mash has a GREAT idea with the comments crossing across all profiles and the convo feature which allows people to carry on a conversation across their profiles. I think this is a really neat breakthrough in interactivity though I’m still processing this feature, which I have not seen elsewhere.

Yahoo’s MyBlogLog, combined with Mash, could actually be the killer application (though I assume MySpace and Facebook would soon copy it but that’s fine) . For most onliners like me there is a huge problem with the amount of time spent navigating and participating in social networking plus blogging, not to mention “real” work on websites and such. Needed badly are ways to seamlessly travel online, carrying your profile and important ID elements, blog posts, and more around with you. IMHO MyBlogLog has come the closest to this holy grail so far because it allows people to do their own thing AND interact with others who are doing their own thing.

Yahoo gets this in a big way which is why they bought MBL and have created certain features in Mash. Good going so far Yahoo!

Disclaimer: I’m a Yahoo stockholder, so I’m rootin’ for them but remain pretty darn objective otherwise.

5 thoughts on “Yahoo Mash is cool

  1. i too feel yahoo mash will be a nice APP. because of its interactive powers while commenting in blogs

    it will definately work as no one had started such service yet. msn and google will follow yahoo soon and come up with some more additional features to it.

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