Yahoo rewriting URLs to improve indexing

Yahoo just rolled out new search results so it’s a good idea to check your rankings after these settle in.    Over the past few years Yahoo has (too quietly) been improving their search results which now, arguably, rival those of Google.     Word on the grey hat SEO street however still contends that Yahoo and MSN are much easier to spam than Google.    I think I’ll run yesterday’s “Las CrucesSERP test at Yahoo and see how those results compare to Google’s, especially given the new Yahoo efforts.

A feature Yahoo announced recently is they new dynamic URL rewriting which should improve indexing – sometimes dramatically – for sites with a lot of dynamic pages or content.


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4 Responses to Yahoo rewriting URLs to improve indexing

  1. Phillip B. says:

    Hi Joe,

    Thanks for the heads up on this. I have just recently come back to Yahoo and I like what they are doing.


  2. JoeDuck says:

    Hi Philip – I really like Yahoo also, and think they just need to get their groove back.

  3. Joe, but…. Isn’t it G-50% Y-25% M-15% and everyone splits the rest? I guess given the fact that people do use the other SE’s we should be concerned… Thanks for the heads up..


  4. Mitesh Rami says:

    thats great news joe, if thats happen – it will definately help designers like me

    if yahoo too able to give more relevant results in its search as that of google than sites like will be very usefull which provides combined search on the same site with more relevant results

    thanks joe

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