Facebook chalks up another $500,000,000 ::: UPDATE – NOT TRUE!

 Update:  This story was FALSE.   Facebook had an MS deal but not additional capital

Facebook founders were still sipping champagne from their 240 million deal with Microsoft as they scooped up 500 million from two hedge funds yesterday.   I’m not clear yet if the valuation was the same but presumably this was all a related deal, and Facebook is now solidly valued at 15 billion.    WoW. 

That’s a lot of money, especially when you recognize that the value is all in people like …. me and you.   Facebook sold our eyeballs to advertisers for something like  $175  per user eyeball.   15 billion / 42 million users   Jeez – I think they are cheaper on Ebay!

[No, this really is not a legit metric – investors are placing huge value on Facebook’s team and future potential more than simply the users, though users are the key to any social network kingdom as the information serfs, and deserve more respect from the social network kings and queens and capitalists]

Marcus at PlentyofFish always has great insight about the relationship of ad revenues to success and to expenses.     Marcus notes that even with the  huge pageviews at Facebook he calculates the advertising to yield to be only  $0.10 per thousand views compared to the $15.00 per thousand Google expects to pull in at their site.     Marcus’ important point is that even as online advertising is exploding most of those revenues are going to the very top sites, most revenue comes from very low CPM advertising, and the number of sites dipping into the advertising pool goes up every …. second.    He doesn’t sound as optimistic as he used to, and that should be alarming for small time web publishing guys like … me.

Hmm – it would be interesting to calculate a theoretical upper limit to the total social online advertising market using:

Total number of online people x  hours spent online x pageviews per hour x  .10 CPM. 

Just off top of my head I get this for USA:

200 million x 2 hours online day x 30 views per hour = 12 billion pageviews per day
 x .10 CPM =   $1.2 million per day

Huh?   This is incredibly low, but I must be missing something here.    The .1 CPM is a fraction of what is normally negotiated so I’ll recheck that..

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