Bye Bye Sprint, Cell ya later!

Thinking about moving away from Sprint now that I can hopefully unlock my Treo 650 from the evil clutches of the marginal Sprint signal here in Southern Oregon.   With a theoretically robust national network and a top of the line phone you’d think I’d get a signal on, say, all the key cities on the main drag here which is Highway 101.  But it is not so – I’ve had connetivity problems even in Medford which is the largest city on I5 for hundreds of miles.

I’m also underwhelmed by the Treo 650, though I’d have to say the Google maps integration is nothing short of brilliant.    When I tested some iPhones in Atlantic City I was blown away by the mapping feature from Google.   Treo 650 mapping is inferior due to the small touchscreen but still very, very nice – one of those applications that Ben Franklin would have flipped his wig for (and then probably improved on – that dude ROCKED as a technologist!)

So, when Google gets busy with the new phone or software I’m gone, Sprint.  Unless you sign up with them and get me a better phone with better features and cheaper cost.   I’m not holding my breath on that.

3 thoughts on “Bye Bye Sprint, Cell ya later!

  1. Hi Joe:
    About three years ago, we visited my sister & family in Bandon, OR. My home-town carrier (Centennial Wireless) had ‘agreements’ with several major carriers, including AT&T/Cingular. During our visit, we drove from SFO to Bandon and return. The ONLY sporadic service we encountered was when we wove through the Trinity Range in N. Cal. on our way from I-5 over to 101. The rest of the time we had solid reception, including standing on the beach at Bandon. As I recall, the provider there was identifying as Edge, although I understand that AT&T is now using this name for special wireless data services.
    I share your disgust with Sprint. We had Sprint here in Angola, IN with sporadic service. It took them almost 10 years to finally add tower coverage. What competitive advantage Sprint has had (excellent network technology, early market presence, etc.) they’ve managed to flush down the tubes. Maybe if they’d listen to their customers??
    Re the 650. I just acquired one, and I love it. I will soon be loading Tom-Tom software to prepare the 650 for GPS duties.(I have a 1G memory stick.)
    Good luck with your search for a better provider!
    Jim Harris
    Angola, IN

  2. Jim thanks for the note! Also for the tip on Tom-Tom for the Treo – I had not heard about that and maybe this will make me like it better. My favorite application is Google maps, which really blew me away and has helped me find my way a few times.

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