CNET at CES 2008

CNET at CES 2008

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Several media places are broadcasting from CES. I was hoping to find Donny Deutsch’s Road to CES Program but the place is so huge it is hard to plan your visits with any precision. Today for example I headed to the Venetian Sands venue and won’t even go the the Convention Center today. Each of the Exhibit halls here – and there are something like a dozen of them – would be a spectacular showing for even a major conference. There are 2700 exhibitors here showing everything from Lawn mowing robots to total immersion gaming glasses to TVs to phone to cars with the latest navigation and audio to an actual (manufactured) home that Microsoft built over at the Convention Center with the latest home technologies.

2 thoughts on “CNET at CES 2008

  1. Hi Metro –
    It really is quite overwhelming, but I’ve learned that is part of the fun. My daughter called me to say “hey, get on G4”, but I was about 2 miles away at the other Convention Venue. Even “just down the hall” here can be about 1/4 mile away.

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