Cadillac Provoq debuts at CES Las Vegas 2008

Cadillac Provoq debuts at CES Las Vegas 2008
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The Provoq is a concept car, and will be ZERO emissions, using fuel cell technology.

GM CEO Rich Wagoner’s Keynote here at CES 2008 contained some impressive innovation in the automobile space. He showcased OnStar innovations which to GE’s credit they started developing some ten years ago. (In a case like OnStar I think people need to sort of socially evolve into acceptance of the new technology rather than pushing for adoption). OnStar moves into China this year.

He brought a Chevy VOLT hybrid on stage and noted developments in that space, and showed film of the DARPA challenge, recently won by the GM “Boss” adapted SUV Autonomous vehicle which is here, on a test track at the Convention Center. I just talked to another blogger who’d ridden in it and he said it was remarkable to be riding in a car with no driver.

One of GM’s themes in the presentation was that the automobile in some ways is now a giant computer, and that this change offers new flexibility in design and usability, especially now that GPS can be integrated into the driving experience. GPS is a technology that appears to be going completely mainstream without us even really noticing. Auto navigation, phones, cameras, and more.

As a finale Wagoner introduced the Cadilla Provoq, a new high mileage high style offering from GM.

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