Yahoo and Google BFF?

Reuters reports that Yahoo really wants to find a way out of the MS deal, and Google is offering *something* though it’s not at all clear to any outsiders what that something is.    Probably a partnership to help Yahoo monetize all their traffic using Google tools and perhaps Google search, though I’m somewhat skeptical that Yahoo can come away from this with a valuation boost near the value of what MS has offered.

If Microsoft is smart they’ll let Yahoo be Yahoo, with contractual assurances that Yahoo can keep on innovating and doing what they have done well for some time in the overall internet and Web 2.0 space.  They’ll let Yahoo retain their brand and culture, and basically keep things the way they have been minus the crappy monetization.   In turn Yahoo will have a few years – with the newfound clout and help of MS – to turn around the crappy monetization, bad morale, and loss of search share.  

disclosure:  Got the Yahoo Stocks.  Loving the Yahoo stocks.  

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