143 Million Pounds of Beef Recalled…from your stomach.

Could somebody help me understand why the latest beef recall isn’t stupid?   This is terrifying millions of parents despite the fact that there is almost certainly close to zero health risk here according to the FDA.  Oh, also there is the challenge of the fact that most of this beef has already been eaten by you and me.  Excuse me while I barf it up for the FDA?

The FDA notes:
We do not feel this product presents a health risk of any significance

Oh, that clears things up for me.  Rules require the recall of perfectly safe beef- enough to  feed the entire country for days and valued at close to 100 million dollars -because..ummm ….huh?

This is yet another case of absurd bureacracy driven by absurd irrational concerns of absurd people.   Mad Cow?   Still *zero* deaths.   Stop worrying about this crap!   There are millions dying all over the place from *real* hazards like malaria, malnutrition, no seat belts, gun proliferation, and wars.  Those are legitimate concerns.  Bad beef is not. 

Caveat:  The company that this came from appears to be in violation of many rules.  Close them down if that’s wise – I don’t have enough detail to know.   But the recall appears to be rule based spitefulness rather than reason.   My tax dollars, squandered again, costing more people their beef and more future cows their precious cow lives. 

You know, if they recall any french fries I’m moving to Canada.

2 thoughts on “143 Million Pounds of Beef Recalled…from your stomach.

  1. I don’t know if there is any compensation for the recalls.

    By making it applicable to the entire output, they will recall all that exists so its really like recalling all buggywhips… there aren’t too many out there.

    The real significance is that there is no need to set forth any particular defect, its the process that was found to be wrong and therefore the entire production is being recalled. That is actually a good message to send, even though its based on a judicial rather than statutorily created authority. Its equated to an inspector finding filth on every surface,,, he is allowed to stop the truck that just left the plant and condemn its cargo. Now they’ve extended it to not just filth but risky and inhumane procedures. Thats a good move actually. It may create inflated headlines but so would the recall of all 3 whips that remain of the 10,000 buggy whips.

  2. Dunno FG – I worry that we the people focus on this stuff to the exclusion of the many real threats that surround us, though you make a good point about the fact that this type of power might scare future company actors into doing things properly.

    By the way, can I borrow some catsup please?

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