Farber in charge at CNET: A good move

Premier Tech news website CNET has a new editor in chief.  Dan Farber takes over today, and as a tech journalist *and prominent tech blogger* the choice of Farber is smart for CNET and a sign that blogging sensibilities are playing an important role even in “legacy” media outlets, though it’s funny to consider CNET – a groundbreaking online news network – “legacy”.    Yet in this rocket paced online world most of us now turn to TechCrunch before CNET for breaking and insider news.    Partly for this reason and partly because CNET can’t leverage internet efficiencies as easily as leaner and meaner sites like TechCrunch, CNETs traffic and profitability has been suffering for some time.   Farber’s experience may help to bring more innovative approaches to blogging tech news at CNET, and Dan will recognize how important it is to work to establish a social network that revolves around CNET’s tech coverage.     Mike Arrington has done this brilliantly at TechCrunch and it drives their very successful efforts.    Sites like DailyKos and Huffington report as well.  Others have built smaller communities around their blogs with more modest levels of success.  CNET already has a brand and a large body of quality journalistic experience and tech related content.   Let’s see what Dan does with all that.

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