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Retire USA blogging team adds National Retirement Expert Debbie Grovum

We are really pleased to have Debbie Grovum join our amazing group of retirement bloggers over at Retire USA. ————————— DEBBIE GROVUM NAMED FEATURED BLOGGER ON NATIONAL RETIREMENT WEBSITE (SARASOTA, FL) National retirement expert and Sarasota resident Debbie Drinkard Grovum, … Continue reading

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Retirement Blogs

In addition to our own Retirement blog at Retire USA, here’s a list of some other retirement oriented blogs you can find online: My Retirement Blog Boomers Retirement Early Retirement Extreme Early Retirement Blog GRACEful Retirement … Continue reading

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COOL IT: The Movie

Climatic clear thinker Bjorn Lomborg strikes again with a new film, “COOL IT”, based on his book of the same name.  Blog post: Lomborg’s points, which suggest we need to address problems like global warming and global poverty more rationally, … Continue reading

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Feeling Good vs Doing Good

It seems these days I’m often pissing off friends and family for suggesting something that, frankly, is pretty obvious.     Most of what passes as “doing good” these days are activities that make the feel-gooders feel good about themselves, … Continue reading

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Got Travel? Travel Blogs and Travel Bloggers, Unite!

For some time  (100,000 years  in internet dog years), I’ve wanted to collect *all* the travel blogs in one spot and organize them by destination.    That’s not happening … yet …  but I’m very happy to see so many … Continue reading

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WordPress Publishing Problems with Flickr or other programs?

Another reminder (because I’ve needed this many times) that you must enable WordPresses “Remote Publishing” protocols if you want to blog photos directly from Flickr  (a fantastic feature – I wish more people could do this but it remains a … Continue reading

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Business Power of Social Media cannot be overstated

I was watching a brief “internet marketing” bit suggesting how small businesses were spending too much money (! ?) on social media efforts when they should be focusing on their websites and using social media primarily to drive people to … Continue reading

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