If 300k per month is noise, then show me the signal baby!

CNET really seems to have misread what Jeff Clavier – one of my favorite VC blogging guys – said to them recently about startups and income.    Rafe at CNET implied that Jeff was suggesting that even for a startup making a respectable 300k monthly income was noise and was distracting them from the big money which they could only obtain through big financing.   When I read that I was really surprised, because 1) it was clearly wrong to suggest a company pulling in 3.6 million annually should necessarily be worrying a lot about VC money and 2) it did not sound at all like Jeff Clavier, who has a great reputation for good reason – he’s happy to share a lot of helpful information  and he recognizes that in some circumstances there is no reason for VC funding or VC guidance.  

So, Jeff’s reply to the story made more sense.  He said he was talking about *one* particular company in what he seemed to think was an off the record conversation.   That made a lot more sense, and it sounds like CNET owes him an apology? 

1 thought on “If 300k per month is noise, then show me the signal baby!

  1. In my experience, a stable $3M/yr business would be a bad candidate for VC funding. A $3M/yr business looking to grow to $300M/yr is a different story; in this case, the current income is, indeed, irrelevant.

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