Will Jason Calacanis put a bottle of Macallan scotch where his mouth is?

Update:  Apparently, no …. !

Jason Calacanis is a clever guy, but I like to call people out when they make wild predictions that they themselves probably don’t believe.  
Here, Jason predicts Google will have 90% search share in a year.    I’m happy to see if he really believes his prediction and offered up this wager over at his blog:

If Google’s search market share is at or above 90% on March 6, 2009 I’ll buy you a bottle of MACALLAN 25.  If below 90% you buy me a bottle.

Now, a bottle of scotch  may not sound like much of a wager, but this Macallan 25 runs about  $500 per bottle.     

In fact I boldly started out posting him that I’d bet a whole case, but luckily checked the price and the post got stuck in his spam controls so I could revise it.    I’m confident I’m right, but I guess I’m not quite 12 bottles confident!     Of course if that’s the only bet Jason will take then bring on the Macallan Calacanian wager!

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