Feeling underpaid?

Here’s a list of the highest paid folks in Technology:

Hmmm – maybe it’s time for you to ask for a raise?  

CEO pay always intrigues me.   As a capitalist “free hand” market guy I like the idea of letting the marketplace decide these things, and assuming that it’ll do a good job with executive compensation.  But it sure does not seem to do a good job.    Has anybody studied the relationship of CEO pay to performance?  I’m increasingly inclined to think that we have created an insider model for these things where people serve on multiple boards and effectively vote each other compensation in line with short term needs of small elite groups rather than the long term needs of the company. 

2 thoughts on “Feeling underpaid?

  1. Performance? Nah. More like who has been invited to the par-tay or not. Mafia-nomics. The IT executive salary issue demonstrates that economics concerns, at least to some extent, “economic justice.” Contemporary liberals, however, are like preoccupied with Oprah’s latest celeb-packed rally for Saint Barack and not overly interesting in discussing Galbraith or Keynes.

  2. I like the party analogy Horatiox. Once you are an “insider” you get the sweet compensation packages. There is probably some correlation to past performance of execs but I doubt it accounts for the variations. In fact I think some studies looked at this a few years ago and suggested there was little correlation between CEO compensation and company prospects.

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