Craiglist Prank = horse stealin’

I’m reporting a remarkable local story from Jacksonville, Oregon that strains even one’s interenet sensibilities about a guy in Jacksonville who had his horse and property stolen after Craigslist postings said it was up for grabs.   The incredible part is that after the guy returned home the people would not stop taking his stuff, citing the Craigslist ad as some sort of permission!

5 thoughts on “Craiglist Prank = horse stealin’

  1. I caught that on the local news. What a horrible thing to do to someone. Those folks that kept coming could have been shot. I hope they catch the poster and throw the book at him. Not even funny!

  2. Yes BK – I could not believe that they trusted the advertisement more than a real person – crazy, but maybe we are seeing people come online who don’t understand how many bogus info things there can be.

  3. people want to believe what they want to believe. they wanted to believe they had a right to take his things, these people should be prosecuted, how shady of them

  4. Moe I agree they should be prosecuted for theft. There are reports that some of the stuff is now getting returned and the police are following up on the plates.

  5. I doubt they felt the ad really trumped what the homeowner was telling them; they just felt that having treked there they might as well take something home with them anyway.

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