PDF won’t print on Lexmark

Wow, I just spent an hour troubleshooting only to realize the problem was not printer ink or settings so much as the IRS PDF file which was not printing for me.

I got it to work by printing in standard and in a smaller screen view.    So…if you have this problem I recommend first try to print a text file – if that fails you may have ink or other problems, but if it’s a PDF try messing with the printer quality settings (use standard first) and the view settings.


6 thoughts on “PDF won’t print on Lexmark

  1. Tried to print a pdf multiple document tha have 43 pages from a Lexmark T430 printer it only prints 25 pages then the printer stops but the printer shows that it printed all 43 pages. Please Help me….

  2. Had same problem. Fixed it by checking the box: “Print color images in black and white.”
    I only had B/W cartridge in printer>

  3. 3. Thanks to Ken. Fixed it by following what he did — checking the the box: “Print color images in black and white”

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