Why do blogs suck? A Blogging Revolution Needed?

Wait, no, I love blogs and blogging!   

However several folks in the  blog echo-chamber are suggesting correctly that there are problems with this  echo-chamber and problems with the many “me too” posts out there by people who want to be in TechMeme or otherwise get linked.     I actually think TechMeme’s got it close to right because creator Gabe Rivera has facilited the conversation algorithmically rather than allowing only the “insiders” to decide who is linked to and thus who gets to participate most actively in the tech buzz of the day. 

Tech blogging has become something of a mess even though there are advantages to having tech themes discussed ad nauseum in that I’d argue you can shake out the BS faster that way.  

Mark Evans has a thoughful post about why he thinks original blog thinking is so rare.    I don’t agree that original thinking is hard for most bloggers who tend to be a pretty thoughtful gang, but agree we don’t find enough good thinking on blogs.   Why?   Because we have created a problematic blog ecosystem that relies on human frailties and short attention spans.     I think it’s kind of a “welcome to the human race” thing and is not fixable.

 I wrote over there:

I don’t think original thought is all that difficult for many bloggers, rather most people tend to read a combination of groupthink and antagnostic dialog.  Thus the most read posts and blogs are not the most thoughtful.

I find that when I venture away from the major tech blogs I find the far more thoughtful posts – yours right here for example.

Ideally there would be a new blog revolution that would aggressively work to reconnect the thousands of new bloggers based on merit and thoughtfulness rather than old links from old sites with old thinking.  Sort of a human and algorithmic “revoting” for the best blogs.  I wonder how well the old “A list” would fare in that revote?  

6 thoughts on “Why do blogs suck? A Blogging Revolution Needed?

  1. i hear that though many people feel that origionality some how gets hijacked in this new medium of print where for example i made a video that i later found on sites that stole the video without the link destroying my monetizing aspects surrounding the video and making ad revenue off my hard work making me feel less apt to want to post videos for example of my music, art, comedy or whatever which no matter even with sites like revver or in a paid video multimedia host type of thing people still can easily hijack content…

    i also found people hijacking my feeds, i found sites publishing my feeds without the origional linking intact cutting me out of the picture

    because of this i have turned into a blogger more inclined to the linking game with the techno slant for the simple reason that it works and puts some much needed cash in my pocket

    my content and site perhaps suffer but its like in life and society where people like will get persecuted for not playing by the rules even if the system is corrupt which it is by deffiniton

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  3. This sort of reminds me of the discussion Steve Rubel sparked a few months ago about the idea of the “lazysphere.”

    It’s an interesting idea to consider turning “authoriy” on its head – the problem is, we look at “authority” based on stuff like inbound links instead of the quality of content. Is there any way to make that work? Scoble points out that most efforts, while good at first, end up getting corrupted my user misuse, monetization efforts, etc.

    So what is the answer? I don’t know either, but I agree with you that it would be interesting if the playing field were leveled and content alone were evaluated… what would that landscape look like?

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