Hung Hom Train Station, Kowloon, Hong Kong

Here at Starbucks in Kowloon´s Hung Hom train station I am getting a good wireless signal but not sure if it is Starbucks or not.

Things here seem to be named in complicated ways with some overlap.  This is the key Hong Kong train station to mainland but it is in Kowloon and called Hung Hom.    We will board for Shanghai in about an hour and take the 20 hour train north, hopefully with some scenery.   We have soft sleepers but not the top class of them  and I´m not clear how comfortable we will be yet, but I think just fine.

5 thoughts on “Hung Hom Train Station, Kowloon, Hong Kong

  1. Joe,

    Take pictures of the 20 hour train ride, I’ve not done that. If you have time for a quick meetup with my fellow CN Reviews blogger Min Guo, let us know what your schedule is and we’ll see if Min is free. Happy to welcome you to Shanghai!!

    BTW, we blogged about using Proxy Servers to get to blocked Websites. I guess is not available right now through Min’s Shanghai ISP! Not sure what u said to make the Net Nanny mad! 😉

  2. Joe,

    Hope you are having a good time. Looking forward to seeing your photos when you get back. Be safe!


  3. @Rob Spooner, what do you mean by “communist”? I don’t think the word means anything anymore. Most people who use the term don’t really understand what China is really like. We can all agree that it is not “democratic” of course. But it is moving toward a Singapore model – benevolent, authoritarian, and capitalistic. Not really what Lenin had in mind when they started Communism!

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