Lomborg on Zakaria GPS: Painfully Correct Thinking

More kudos to Zakaria’s GPS on CNN for bringing key global thinkers to the news table.

Today GPS featured Bjorn Lomborg, a figure who is controversial for the very simple reason that he has challenged sacred cows with common sense. When the sacred cow includes global warming alarmism even many otherwise clear thinking scientists have attacked Lomborg, generally on personal grounds rather than on the statistical high ground squarely occupied by Lomborg and the Copenhagen Consensus.

Bjorn Lomborg’s economically optimal approaches to finding solutions for global development, poverty reduction, global health, and more are thoughtful and rational. So rational and thoughtful that it’s always painful to hear his critics disparage him as a “global warming denier” (he is NOT even a GW skeptic as Zakaria very unfairly branded him during the introduction).

Lomborg’s main point is simple: We should seek the most effective solutions to global problems, which means seeking the most effective spending approaches given our current understanding of the problems.

I am very confident that history will show that the approaches taken by the Copenhagen Consensus were a sort of early “best practices” for Global problem solving, one of the first efforts to powerfully integrate science and economics in a rational rather than political or emotional way towards the vision of a better world.

5 thoughts on “Lomborg on Zakaria GPS: Painfully Correct Thinking

  1. Mr. Zakaria,

    I think you are absolutely right about what is the biggest strategic blunder in the twentith century: Hitler went after Russia, at least prematurely, way too prematurely. He should consolidate his gains in western Europe, obliviated England first. Although this may not garauntee his sucess once America join the battle (I would use all out effort to defeat England before the U.S. even had time to build enough force, and force the battle in England’s soil.) If Hitler alian with Russia instead attack Russia, the history will be far different today and I am glad it wasn’t that way, after all, Hitler is a mad man and not smart and evil eough.

  2. I cannot see “REBUILDING” this TOTAL DISEASTER !!!
    The location of teses islands is going to be a danger from now on. These people have nothing left!!!!!!!!!!!!Can you
    imagine what this is like ??????????I say they should be taken off that island – family by family. AND IT SHOULD START NOW !!!!!!! Somehow these people should be collected
    together and get families together and ship them to South America and Africa-land is offered in Africa. T here will always be the fear “WHEN WILL THIS HAPPEN AGAIN?” tHE
    PEOPLE IN gOV’T HERE HAS BEEN WORTHLESS. Since money the United States has sent there cannot be accounted for. THE
    UNITED STATES IS NOT A RICH COUNTRY ANYMORE. We are being led down into the depths of debt and poverty. So these people cannot be sent here. We are overloaded with non-citizens already.
    San Texas

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