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Climate Change, Bjorn Lomborg, and why we need more nuclear power.

I’d really urge people to read Bjorn Lomborg more carefully.  He is a very good analyst but unfortunately he’s become a major lightning rod for controversy because people don’t like to hear such well presented views that challenge their sensibilities … Continue reading

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Berkeley Earth Project

The Berkeley Earth Project is a very ambitious attempt to accurately assess the state of “Global Warming” in a very systematic and scientific way, free from the many biases, politics, and advocacy challenges that have arguably plagued the process to … Continue reading

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Stop calling me a climate skeptic just because I don’t believe in alarmism!

*scroll DOWN to skip to the summary* I’m REALLY getting tired of so many friends and family calling me a global warming skeptic because 1. I am NOT a global warming skeptic and 2.  It distracts from the important debate … Continue reading

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Climate Change Projected Impacts from IPCC 4

As the climate debates continue we see an interesting – and familiar – pattern.   Even as most now claim to accept the premise that “disaster is looming”, few are willing to take the steps needed to prevent that disaster. … Continue reading

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Global Warming – what’s to come?

Today’s report on the IPCC “Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change” suggests that although the science is now clear, the politics are getting in the way of the credibility of the IPCC and climate science in general.   Unfortunately in my … Continue reading

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John Stewart on ClimateGate

This is pretty funny, especially if you know the whole scoop. NOTE: Stewart correctly points out at the end that this does NOT debunk warming, it just “doesn’t look good”.

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Climate Science Scandal – will Paleo Dendrochronology survive?

For new readers please NOTE  that I am NOT a climate skeptic, I am just wondering why groupthink seems so pervasive in the climate science community, especially over at the key climate blog RealClimate . Update: Two very thoughtful and … Continue reading

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