6 thoughts on “Open Source and profits may not mix

  1. Well I think there is a difference between Open Source operating systems and databases versus Openly Available Source Code. One can use generic playing cards for poker, but one still has the option of keeping the cards close to his vest.

    With all this PriceScrape, Mashup, go hither and yon and have all data ‘open’ to visiting programs that claim to build on value, we have a fundamental question of ‘is it all true’? Google’s stance is reminiscent of a Hippie who advocates Free Love to all the women he meets but advocates fidelity when it comes to his own marriage. Its a common stance. Google’s search algorithms work and yet its clear that spiders crawling on behalf of Google are the same spiders crawling on behalf of others. Is it really impossible to unseat Google?
    Aint nothin’ about DiggIt that can’t be copied. Ain’t nothin’ ’bout Twitter that can’t be copied. But for some reason Google seems inviolate… why? Can’t be reverse engineered?

  2. Ah could have sworn there was a comment on here, something regarding Sergey Brin and a lamppost.

    Duck, the question is sort of whose side are you on. One doesn’t have to wear a Mao cap to appreciate open source code (and sites). Aren’t Apache and PhP good things? That it pisses off IT upper echelon from Redwood City to Redmond makes it that much better.

  3. The bottom line…there is room for both and quite frankly the need for both. Firefox is a perfect example. Without Firefox there would not be the major improvements to IE.

    At the same time there are many developers that curse Firefox because of the complications of supporting their quirks.

    Additionally open source is a great move to train and educate up and coming developers.

    Open-source will have its day when our country and the VC’s realize patents are obsolete.

    The real question is how to monetize open-source to keep the efforts funded as opposed to a pure profit play – keep in mind competing open-source efforts will ultimately improve the commercial counterparts.

  4. Just as the ultimate purpose of copyright law is to increase the public domain, the ultimate result of Open Source is thought to be increased efficiency of proprietary as well as Open Source programs.

    Funding the open source? Think of all the people who have been selling network intrusion software that was originally open source. Been going on for years.

  5. I agree with comments above that the current system it viable, where open source thrives from the wash of commercial cash and volunteer talent. My point was that
    as companies like Reddit and Facebook shift to open source standards they will see less profits or have trouble attaining profitability.

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