Twitter Gets Search

Twitter has aquired Summize, a search utility that will make Twitter a lot more friendly than it has been if you want to drill down in Twitter results and find more relevant information and people.

Twitter is practically gushing about the aquisition of Summize, so it’s likely that Summize is solving a major problem they have been struggling with for some time.

Here’s the scoop

I’ve been somewhat skeptical in the past that Twitter will ever be much more than a sort of social post it note service, but if they add enough functionality to the existing design Twitter’s huge and influential social network could turn this into the major application that some suggest Twitter could become.    It already seems to me that key folks often prefer microblogging to Facebook or email, though I’m still not convinced that Twitter will catch on with regular folks as it must to compete with Facebook and Myspace.

2 thoughts on “Twitter Gets Search

  1. Sounds like Twitter is getting smarter, but Plurk already has a search function and a bunch of people who left Twitter because it always wants to flash the fail whale at users. I think Twitter kind of missed the boat.

  2. If Twitters send tweets that are short messages directly relating to certain of the day’s events such as ‘flying to Chicago, eating dinner, waiting for the 3:10 to McSorely’s Ale House, browsing bookstore on fifth, etc, I don’t see why anyone would particularly care to search for obsolete messages, particularly if ‘craps’ will retrieve twitters about Vegas as well as twitters about pets making deposits on new carpets.

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