Would You Outsource Alzheimers Care to India?

A friend of mine has been making a case that we should be lowering the cost of care for Alzheimer’s folks by setting up facilities in India.    Quality of care and facilities would be the same or better than in the USA, but at a fraction of the cost.

Here’s an article about a guy who did this

Question:  Would you consider this option?     If your spouse had Alzheimer’s and it looked like you’d lose everything paying for care, would you move to India to preserve your standard of living?

3 thoughts on “Would You Outsource Alzheimers Care to India?

  1. Wow what a tough decision — on the one hand, the pressure is so immense that I can see why some would do it. On the other, I think the distance from loved ones would be the preventative factor for me. India is a little too far from here to just drop in for lunch. Even if a parent in the advanced stages didn’t recognize me, I think being able to visit is still the “right” thing for me, though I respect those who feel differently.

  2. Some points to consider:
    Some “mama-san boards” cause a great deal of problems but always carry great certificates of having been tested to specifications. Are we going to have similar certificates relating to the quality of care?

    British expatriate communities in Spain get preyed upon by gypsies and other criminals… real slow response time from local authorities.

    There are problems with American healthcare and I don’t think they will be solved by outsourcing care to some place that hires a male nurse who selected his bride based on her dowry and who will burn her with cooking oil if she becomes demanding.

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