The aliens are out there, but they have not landed

Robert Roswell IIIRobert Roswell III

Uncle Bob?
You’ve lost some weight!

Given the prevalence of planets, water, and our own observations in our solar system, I think there is a near certainty (99%+ likelihood) that there is plenty of intelligent life in the universe.

In fact I’d guess the universe is *teeming* with life – at least billions of planets with intelligent life and probably hundreds of billions.

If you simply assume there is a *single planet with intelligent life* in each of the 100 billion galaxies in the observable universe it suggests we have a *lot* of company.     Although we only have a single data point (= ourselves), it seems we should also assume that we are about in the median range of the intelligent life spectrum, meaning that about half of the life in the universe is smarter than us and half is …. dumber.

But I would assert that Aliens probably wouldn’t bother to visit earth because we are at the edge of the galaxy and we are probably not very interesting once you have advanced technologies that can simulate almost all aspects of reality.    What would they come here looking for?

Also, they would likely not visit un organic “bodies”, rather as automated devices.     The idea that Aliens visit earth, interact with people and thus appear not to have a  “no interference” policy, and then leave without saying official “hello” or making their presence broadly known is very questionable.

If they have a no interference policy we’d never detect them.   On the other hand if they allow some interaction why would they probe a few lonely lumberjacks deep in the woods and then leave?   In the case of the Roswell incident you seriously think they have technology that allows an organic being to travel *quadrillions of miles* over a likely period of *millions of years* only to run out of gas and crash?
Whoops, ET didn’t have a quarter to phone home for a tow – BAM !

I think there’s a tiny possibility we’ve been visited, but a much higher one that people imagine things and use silly, obvious hoax stuff to spur interest.

Visits and Alien existence are totally different issues.  Of course Aliens are very, very, very likely to exist but there is pretty much zero credible evidence they ever come here.

The technology to travel here by organic beings would be incredibly advanced.   If they wanted to “hide” they would have no trouble hiding and erasing all evidence we have of their visits.   If they wanted us to know they were out there they could take over the network and simply announce their presence.   Niether of those happen.  Instead, we have thousands of obviously bogus reports and a handful of seemingly credible people who have odd experiences they think come from Aliens.   Whenever I look into these they are incredibly weak.   No quality photos, no souvenirs, no Alien DNA or probes left in bodies.  You have to believe the Aliens do an incredible cleanup job but then leave sloppy, inconclusive pieces of evidence around in a haphazard way.   Sure, it’s possible those little items are evidence of alien visits but reason suggests that instead we are seeing yet another example of … mistaken impressions.

You can think the tiny number of credible people misinterpreted things as we humans are prone to do, or you can believe the Aliens allowed those guys to interact with them and only them.

But hey, maybe distinguished astronaut Edgar Mitchell, who believes the Government is covering up the Alien visits, is right:


7 thoughts on “The aliens are out there, but they have not landed

  1. This is very interesting Joe.

    From a mathematical perspective the universe most likely is teeming with or has had other intelligent life. Given that humans typically live an average lifespan of 60-80 years we can’t possibly begin to understand what the impact of 1 million years means. Then wrap your head around the fact that we really need to look at everything in the terms of billions of years.

    Currently our technology lets us see back 14 billion years or so and those numbers could be off by several orders of magnitude. It wasn’t very long ago that we thought the universe was just a few billion years old.

    In fact, I think looking at photos of our “young” universe from the Hubble really is the biggest mind blowing thing we have ever done. Consider you are looking at an event that happened billions of years before a camera was even invented – kind of spells it all out about how time and space really work. In a way the Hubble is our first technology that allows a form of time travel.

    Sure we can calculate out the number but we really don’t have a clue about universe its past, etc.

    Mars could have been fully populated with an intelligent race with huge cities, etc and it may have fully disappeared a billion years ago.

    We also seem to make the mistake to think we are first intelligent race so we always look at things in perspective of our existence but the reality is more likely there are other intelligent races that may have successfully evolved over the last 14 billion or so years. If so, then they certainly would have the technology to travel pretty much anywhere with or without detection.

    It is also pretty certain that if any government did have access or been visited by alien technology they would never let the sheeple know about it.

    I like the photo you posted…LOL.

  2. i suggest a possible factor in the alleged roswell crash(s) might be differing alien factions in conflict with each other with one policy in common to not “land on the white house lawn for a press conference”.
    the ethical ones may be concerned with causing a panic and of humanity weaponizing their energy systems.
    the malevolent faction may have more to gain by remaining “off our radar screen” so to speak ,allowing them to covertly manipulate us religiously /economically /politically. i can forsee slavery (soviet style)if things keep spiralling down .at that point i don’t think the
    benevolent faction will have anything to lose by openly
    intervening .

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