More Cuil Search fun. Check out the …ummm… multiple personality finder.

Over at Sarah Lacy‘s place she’s reasonable asking “Is it Cuil or Us” in terms of expecting too much from this new search startup.   Since I’d been poking fun at Cuil’s failure to find itself I thought I better try a new search.     Since Sarah’s is indirectly suggesting that bloggers like *me* might be the problem let’s ask Cuil… about me… Joe Hunkins….

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Time to move my posting to the superior WordPress environment. Given how simple and easy it was to set up and that it’s free I’m not clear why Yahoo and/or Google have not scarfed them up or copied that format. I think Yahoo *supports* wordpress but why don’t they just buy it and then they’d be better than blogger…

Online Highways Guide to Travel, Leisure and Recreation …

US States: Alabama Alaska Arizona Arkansas California Colorado Connecticut Delaware District of Columbia Florida Georgia Hawaii Idaho Indiana Illinois Iowa Kansas Kentucky Louisiana Maine Maryland Massachusetts Michigan Mississippi Missouri Minnesota Montana Nebraska New Hampshire New Jersey New Mexico New York…

Joe Duck

Joe Duck. Internet Entrepreneur, Online Quack. Home. Ashland. China Travel&Tips. Joe&Duck. Kim&Story. Las&Vegas. Linkage. Rogue River&Map.

Google and privacy

Richard Eid, I’m also a huge fan of using Ctrl-Ctrl in rapid succession with Google Desktop. Joe Hunkins | Joe Duck, I think the “data portability” idea is a good step in that direction. It means that you can take your data in Google and take it somewhere else (not “trapping users’ data”). Good point……

Cow Creek/Umpqua Tribe: Joe Hunkins – SOVA

I’m Joe Hunkins of Southern Oregon Visitors Association, and I’d really like to link your resource page to the Native American section of our regional travel site Our site is a regional focus for travel information, and we have not done a good job of getting travellers information……

Twitter / joeduck

Name Joe Hunkins. Location Oregon. Web Bio Travel and Tech and Internet and Oregon. Stats. Following 603. Followers 341. Favorites 0. Updates 485. Following.

Joe Hunkins: ZoomInfo Business People Information

Joe Hunkins, ABR, CBR, CRS, GRI, of Hunkins Real Estate, Inc. in Greenland, N.H. and treasurer of the New Hampshire Association of Realtors was recently appointed as a trustee of the NH Realtor’s Political Action Committee. As a trustee, Hunkins will be responsible for interviewing political candidates and deciding……

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Happy Birthday!

Joe Hunkins Said, September 7, 2005 @ 1:57 pm. Congratulations Matt … and Google. Really enjoy the “insider” stories. Gerald Said, September 7, 2005 @ 5:51 pm. Happy Birthday from germany. But why did you xxx the names at the bottom of your mail. Makes me curious. Lxxxx makes me thinking that it could have……

Twitter / joeduck

Name Joe Hunkins. Location Oregon. Web http://www.joeduc… Bio Travel and Tech and Internet and Oregon. Stats. Following 884. Followers 550. Favorites 0. Updates 605. Following.

Now, there is one more “Joe Hunkins” that is fairly prominent online – a real estate guy in New Hampshire – but he’s not pictured here. And neither am I. Despite the fact most of the text does relate to things I have written – though much of it long ago – I’m wondering who the dude is in the first picture?  Hey, he’s a pretty good looking guy – maybe I should be him.    Nope, the older guy isn’t me either.   Hey, the young backpacker dude is more my style.   Maybe I should take over his identity?    Whoops – Cuil is obviously not gender biased – I also am listed as the two women pictured.

Hmmm – I had an imposter over at the other day – maybe they fooled Cuil, too?

3 thoughts on “More Cuil Search fun. Check out the …ummm… multiple personality finder.

  1. Well, ain’t that somethin’. I searched for my name and your picture kept coming up. #1 hit was my LinkedIn profile, which seems like an odd thing to rank so high.

  2. Ha Tommo – at least I’m not as scary looking as the dude in the t-shirt. Now I’m scared to use cuil to search for “psychopathic axe murderers out of touch with reality” for fear it’ll show us together, and since you need to believe everything you read on the internet….well…

  3. I can already hear business textbook publishers updating their information about great product failures and adding Cuil to a list containing Edsel and New Coke.

    Personally, I don’t mind the name, but I do mind how the product doesn’t work. Bragging that you have something that is better than Google is one thing, unable to perform even at a basic level is a travesty.

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