Bigfoot and the Bigfoot Hoax – why so much interest?

I don’t understand why people have so much interest in things like the latest Bigfoot hoax, or in Bigfoot stories at all.   These things are kind of fun, but unless I’m mistaken people really are curious to know if the “creature” in the pictures is bigfoot.

It’s not. There is little compelling evidence for the existence of any Bigfoot Bigfeet?  Bigfoots? anywhere on earth, and when you combine the lack of evidence with the number of people who love to perpetrate bigfoot hoaxes and the mythology of bigfoot you get … sightings!

The Georgia / Palo Alto bigfoot stuff Is so obviously a hoax I’m not clear why this has struck such a chord, but maybe we are all tired from international tensions and Olympics?  Olympic bigfoots?    Hey, Michael Phelps has Bigfoot feet, right?     It’s not even a good hoax in my opinion though these clowns are getting an unbelievable amount of internet buzz and press interest, so I guess maybe this *is* a good Bigfoot hoax?

First of all, the guys who dreamed up the hoax are *bigfoot hunters*.   Even if you are gullible enough to think there is quality evidence that a real bigfoot like creature exists, what are the chances the “body” would be found by true believers?

Oh, and if they really did find it  would they stuff it in a box in a pose that makes it hard to tell what the heck is going on?   Ummmm no, they would have good pictures and bring in a doctor to examine the creature….unless of course they were perpetrating a hoax, in which case they would do exactly as they have done.

So, if this is such nonsense why am I bothering to write about it?  Because “Bigfoot” has become a key search term and I’m curious how this blog post will rank for the term “Bigfoot” and “bigfoot hoax”.

23 thoughts on “Bigfoot and the Bigfoot Hoax – why so much interest?

  1. I think it’s so popular because it’s obvious that these people are big buffoons, and everyone including people who usually buy this stuff can see it’s complete bullcookies, and these guys are cartwheeling toward this epic fail and they give everyone someone to feel superior to.

  2. I think it is all very humorous. The only thing funnier was that garbage barge that was traveling around the world for a while since no one would take it!

  3. I laugh at “cryptozoologists” but at the same time I understand how they want to believe so badly that they’re willing to be convinced on such poor evidence. Their thinking is fuzzy and crummy and downright laughable but…

    As a student interested in biology and zoology I can understand why it would be so very exciting to find a new species. Not just because you get to name it after yourself, but because making any scientific discovery (or any discovery for that matter) is exciting. Personally, I imagine that the sudden spark of genius that occurred to Einstein when he questioned the nature of light that led to relativity was much more exciting than Bigfoot.

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  5. Hey dude. I think the recent bigfoot stuff is a hoax too, but not all cryptids in the world are crap. just remember the giant squid. people thought it was just a myth. but in the end it was real!!!!!!!! blog me back at cryptidchat

  6. These are media distractions, as are UFO sightings, crop circles, and 24/7 coverage of has-been politicians with “zipper problems.”

    Whenever the controlled media lights up with this nonsense you should take it as a sign to check out the foreign media: Usually it means something is happening on the World Stage that our corporate overlords would rather we not see.

    (Such as the azzkicking the US/UK/Israeli axis continues to receive in the Caspian Sea region)

    Let’s see, what’s next? Invasion by little green men? I picked up THAT buzz just last night: Supposedly the aliens are landing on October 14, in Alabama. YAY!

  7. Sure it was a hoax, glenn, and a poor one, but hard scientific data (and soft but ample social scientific data) indicate that this continent, like several others, continues to harbor a large primate. The smart money (especially in Summertime) is always bet on these things being hoaxes, but the handful of respected, tenured academics who’ve risked their careers to do what they’re trained and train others to do — take a close look at the data — say that the evidence is strong enough to expect a big, bipedal descent of Gigantophithecus to turn up in Western North America soon. The thinking is that human encroachment on wildlands continues apace, and that it’s increasingly probable that someone’s going to run one of these poor things down on the asphalt sometime in the foreseeable future.

    I’m not into Nessie or wild unicorns or intergalactic Alien visitors, but if only out of respect for Native Americans, I do keep this one on the back burner as a serious possibility.

    Now, here in Georgia we’d blast the thing to rags and ask questions — or keep secrets — later. But from British Columbia to the Tijuana border, they’ll put you in jail for that, and for a long time. That’s why a bunch of inveterate hoaxers an grifters from California had confederates claim to have found something shot to death IN GEORGIA: so that Act Two could take place on the West Coast without anyone being taken immediately into custody.

  8. I don’t think any of us really thought this was real.

    As for yet undiscovered or unclassified species being on our planet – I think a lot is possible more so in our oceans than on our land.

    I don’t think we will ever find a “bigfoot” creature.

  9. A great many species are discovered every year; mostly plantlife and insects. You’re certainly right about the Ocean. It’s a tightening race been the terrestrial and marine species.

    Should a Sasquatch ever turn up I think we will find it thrilling at first, and the reasons for the existence of creature much simpler than the public at large ever has expected, and then we’ll come to understand it as a forlorn story.

    Much like the emergence of Ishi, the last of his tribe and, in middle-age, a man who’d spent his life hiding in lava tubes and caves and eluding the the non-native Californians. He was the second generation of his tribe forced to live that way, undetected, by dint of the extermination policy of the Powers that Be in the first decades of California’s statehood. When finally the tribe had died off — long after it was believed to have done — and he was the only one left, his grief and loneliness became so unbearable [no pun intended, UCB] that he left the underworld one day and walked out of the “wilderness” and over to a corner of the most fashionable street in gold-rich Oroville. And there he stood, in top physical condition, barefoot and wearing only a deerskin loincloth. The story hit the papers, astounding people from coast-to-coast. The unversity, where the professors were perhaps the most shocked of all, was called in. He donned European clothing, and quickly learned English, teaching his own language to the professors. In English, he dictated his autobiography and the story and ways of his lost tribe. He died in remorse, pining for happier days among his own people, aware that he had become neither fish nor fowl.

  10. Ya gotta love a country this crazy. Next thing you know we’ll be streaking down Wall Street at lunchtime, duking out the Battle of the Sexes (the Original Neverending War) on the makeshift tennis courts of the arena at Caesar’s Palace, and lining up for Pet Rocks.

    Say, you reckon maybe Robbie will manage the Snake River jump this time around?

    If I win the eBay bid I’ll surely let you know…

  11. Joe,

    I think we should say we captured an honest politician and put a rubber costume in a cryo-chamber and claim it is time e need him so we are going to thaw him out, etc…

    Then after all the publicity and the exposure of the hoax we can sell it all on ebay!!!

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