Bigfoot and the Bigfoot Hoax – why so much interest?

I don’t understand why people have so much interest in things like the latest Bigfoot hoax, or in Bigfoot stories at all.   These things are kind of fun, but unless I’m mistaken people really are curious to know if the “creature” in the pictures is bigfoot.

It’s not. There is little compelling evidence for the existence of any Bigfoot Bigfeet?  Bigfoots? anywhere on earth, and when you combine the lack of evidence with the number of people who love to perpetrate bigfoot hoaxes and the mythology of bigfoot you get … sightings!

The Georgia / Palo Alto bigfoot stuff Is so obviously a hoax I’m not clear why this has struck such a chord, but maybe we are all tired from international tensions and Olympics?  Olympic bigfoots?    Hey, Michael Phelps has Bigfoot feet, right?     It’s not even a good hoax in my opinion though these clowns are getting an unbelievable amount of internet buzz and press interest, so I guess maybe this *is* a good Bigfoot hoax?

First of all, the guys who dreamed up the hoax are *bigfoot hunters*.   Even if you are gullible enough to think there is quality evidence that a real bigfoot like creature exists, what are the chances the “body” would be found by true believers?

Oh, and if they really did find it  would they stuff it in a box in a pose that makes it hard to tell what the heck is going on?   Ummmm no, they would have good pictures and bring in a doctor to examine the creature….unless of course they were perpetrating a hoax, in which case they would do exactly as they have done.

So, if this is such nonsense why am I bothering to write about it?  Because “Bigfoot” has become a key search term and I’m curious how this blog post will rank for the term “Bigfoot” and “bigfoot hoax”.