Beijing Olympics Coverage basically rocks – so stop whining!

I’m really tired of people criticizing the technology behind the Olympics coverage, which has been spectacular on almost all fronts given NBC’s unprecedented “all events online” approach.

Sure it’s unfortunate / frustrating to have some events delayed – especially here on West coast, and I’d guess NBC will change some of this for 2012, but the idea, for example, that CNN should not report results without a “spoiler” note is just asking too much.

Noted over at TechCrunch today:

People need to stop whining while the quirks of social media effects on global events get worked out. Overall the coverage by NBC has been nothing short of spectacular, with real time multiple event coverage online and off. Sure it would be nice if everything was live, but Beijing’s time is very inconvenient for most TV watchers.

People have been whining about tape delays when they could be watching online, and now this absurd idea that CNN should be *delaying the reports* to conform to the NBC delays not to mention the people who are over there *watching the events live*. You want them to shut up until you see the show? Sheesh – do you want me to use a tube TV, too?

3 thoughts on “Beijing Olympics Coverage basically rocks – so stop whining!

  1. I think the bigger story here is how China wanted the world to see in a different light and its seems some of the things we have seen are pretty sad.

    Two come to mind:
    1) Replacing the little girl who won the singing competition with someone else because she wasn’t pretty enough.
    2) Using an underage girl to win the gymnastics…


  2. Does anyone think China will be truthful in regard to the age of their gymnasts?

    I think the IOC is a joke and they are truly making the Olympics a complete farce. I am sure as soon as China produces birth certificates with the corrected birth dates this will all go away – when we all know the Chinese government would never let themselves get caught in this type of scandal and would absolutely 100% fabricate the documents necessary to bury this.

    Just add it to the list of human rights, pollution, and other violations China continues to propagate.

    Why is everyone so afraid of offending “bad” governments?

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