Forbes: Shanghai, Beijing as world’s top emerging business centers

It was not surprising to see Forbes suggest that Shanghai and Beijing ranked highest in their recent survey measuring which cities are poised to become major global business capitals.

They used a neat picture from Shanghai’s World Financial Center – under construction when I was there in April and basically the opposite of my picture from below the Jin Mao tower:

Jin Mao remains one of the top ten tallest buildings in the world but is still dwarfed by the Shanghai World Trade Center with the massive square opening to stabilize the building in high winds.    The opening was originally designed as a huge circle but after initial approval of that spectacular design, Chinese officials decided it looked too much like the symbolism of the flag of Japan and insisted on a new design.

World’s Tallest Buildings from Wikipedia

2 thoughts on “Forbes: Shanghai, Beijing as world’s top emerging business centers

  1. Ha – JCH I agree that went from being a silly question… to an interesting one.

    My take on the China biz continuum now is that China will continue to outproduce us for some time for the very reason that they have a centralized authority and have rather suddenly adopted a very curious blend of communism and capitalism where the “Communist” Govt is effectively removing more obstacles to growth than they are placing in the way. cf USA where regulation is very “mature”. It’s all ironic but I think China already looks something like early industrial USA. Growth and profits are trumping the “old style” themes of anti-capitalism, caps on wealth, etc. and environmental issues that are heavily regulated here are ….. not of much concern.

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