Thanksgiving in Minnesota

Icicles at Sunset – Winter in Minnesota

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It has been my good fortune to visit my wife’s lovely family here in Minnesota for some 31 years – often around Thanksgiving. We’re here in Northfield, MN this year. Carleton College and St Olaf College are both here with pretty and historic campuses. Northfield is also home to the world headquarters of Malt-O-Meal and I am informed this is a great Minnesota retirement area.

3 thoughts on “Thanksgiving in Minnesota

  1. It was also the site of a notable bank robbery (attempt) by the James-Younger gang.

    When America was a manufacturing country you would commonly see large cast-iron machines with the Northfield label.

  2. A very happy Thanksgiving to you and to all the family, Senor Duck!

    We are very happily overstuffed here, although I must admit, I am boggling at the idea of retiring to Minnesota. I think I would prefer lovely southern Oregon.

  3. JCH good history on your part. We missed the event called “Jesse James Days” which are a huge draw to Northfield. Today we hiked around Carleton College. The two college campuses make it a very pretty town.

    Tommo I hope you’ll pick Southern Oregon – I promise it’ll be warmer here 9 of 10 winter days.

    Hmm – here is not there cuz I’m in PDX layover on their most excellent and robust free WiFi network.

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