The Encyclopedia of Life

The Encyclopedia of Life is a wonderful project

spearheaded in part by Harvard biologist E.O.

Wilson. The idea is simple but ambitious: create a website with a single page for each species on earth – about 1.8 million pages in all. Like Wikipedia the EOL will use the expertise

of the online community to create, update, and ehhance the Encylopedia of Live.

I’m also feeling some biological guilt for focusing so much on the alarmism that now characterizes the climate debate while peI have failed to recognize that the number of species appears to be going down faster than at any time in history outside o the massive extinctions of the cretacious..

Charlie Rose hosted an excellent segment about Biodiversity where Wilson of Harvard, the President of of Rockerfeller University, and Novacek of the Natural Museum of History are discussing the dire significance of this challenge of species decline.

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