Trevor R vs Elie Z in All Star Final at Hardbat Classic

The All Star final of the Bud Light Hardbat Classic determined who among 8 high level invited players would compete against winners in the Rated Players, Basement Players, and Bar Player divisions.   This was probably one of the most exciting matches of the whole tournament because the playing level was high, Elie’s 6 point handicap against Trevor matched them up just right, and the crowd was really excited.   This match will be featured along with the tournament on ESPN in September:

2 thoughts on “Trevor R vs Elie Z in All Star Final at Hardbat Classic

  1. There were 4 “Tao Ball Girls” at this match but I don’t think they picked up a single ball. The tournament really did a fun job of picking up the Vegas vibe with a fine venue (The Venetian), 3 big parties, and the $120,000 in prize money on display every day all day in a suitcase with a guard standing next to it.

    I’m sitting behind the front row behind the woman in green.

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