CES Social Media in action – Twitter feed at blogger lounge

CES Social Media in action – Twitter feed at blogger lounge

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This screen, located in the blogger’s lounge at LVCC at the CES show, displays Tweets that relate to CES. This year the CES folks are experimenting even more with social media and it’ll be interesting to see how all that shakes out.

The press / blogger / buzz continuum here offers a great look into how journalism is being reshaped, though it’s really hard to generalize about what we’ll see in the future as “citizen journalists” and tech hobby folks begin to dominate the info landscape. I think some of the best innovations may come as traditional journalists figure out the best ways to leverage new media to bring quality content at lower costs. However they will need to feed their families while they figure that out, and I predict this means we’ll continue to see mainstream journalists under pressure even as blogging journalism thrives.

1 thought on “CES Social Media in action – Twitter feed at blogger lounge

  1. Interesting. You are correct, however, that blogging has put a dent in trad. journalism. Even the mighty LA Times has cut way back on staff. Circulation of most big urban papers has gone down–and note that most big papers now actually feature blogs (or websites ala Salon). But my sense is that the older editorial types don’t care for blogging, whatsoever (in fact a few op-ed pieces have appeared, arguing for traditional journalism, etc.).

    So…..like where are those legendary LV geishas? Ka-neech-a-wah, Duckasan

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