7 thoughts on “Hubble Deep Field 3D

  1. Once you have this perspective Joe you can see just how silly we are and the grandious plans we think we understand to save our planet and shows the absolute depth of the lack of understanding we as humans truly have.

    It is this perspective that has always allowed me to see the truth and the light behind AGW, etc.

    Once you take our existence into context it changes everything.

    The very first time I experienced this was when they Hubble first revealed images of a galaxy billions of years older than earth itself. Wrap your head around the concept of an image from 10+ billion years ago taken by an instrument that was just several years old.

    Great video btw…

    • Glenn you can’t seem to keep AGW out of the equation! I do agree this is an indication of our insignificance, but many (not I) would say this perspective is exactly *why* we should fret about AGW – because the mysteries of the universe are so amazing and we need to use caution with “natural” balances. That is not my view however – I’m more along the lines of thinking humans, CO2, and everything should be viewed as part of an equation we should always work to be optimizing rather than changing in line with our personal politics.

  2. Very pretty postcards of deep space, at only a few billion shekels per pic, from the Hubble digi-cam. A bargain!

    Maybe NASA funding should be subject to a vote (as with many govt. programs).

    • As much as I’m inspired by NASA’s accomplishments I actually agree totally Horatiox and think this spending should be voted on or even curtailed in favor of our far more dire needs.

      As a kid I bought into the ” one cent for space” propaganda campaign that fueled the moon race, but that was as naive as those who now buy into the “We need to spend $550,000,000,000 annually on national defense to be safe. We do not, we should not, and eventually we cannot because it’s breaking the bank. The new paradigm in budgeting should be along the lines of “if we drop this funding will all hell break loose?”. If no, drop it.

      What we need is what the founders suggested – small, lean, innovative solutions. Government tends to provide us with the opposite of that.

      • Our king has decided to scrap NASA and any advancements in the space program. However don’t fret he is going to spend billions ramping up our nuclear weapons programs….

        Hello McFly!!!!!!!!!

        Opposite day continues…no vision…no escape…we are doomed!

        I think Obama should pick a song from Argent as his theme song when he approaches his sacred TOTUS.

  3. Joe eliminating the shuttle replacement and the trip to the moon…yeah that pretty much does it.

    Now China, India, Russia and probably Iran will be better developed in space than us.

    The irony is if Obama really believed in his climate scam he would be pouring more money into NASA because colonization of other planets is the only long-term solution to our issues with the limited resources here.

    But don’t worry Joe…the last hope you had for Obama was that he was going to reduce our military spending and reduce NUKES…NOT ON BOTH COUNTS…LOL

    Funny to go back and read all the posts pre-election and the very discussions about Obama and how much has come true.

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