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The Multiverse Redux Redux Redux

The rumors are true, and they are jaw dropping.     Mainstream physics is moving ever closer to describing the universe as an infinite number of *other* universes, all of which are out of our own frame of reference.   … Continue reading

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Hubble Deep Field 3D

Thanks to Duane at Ashland’s Lithia Springs Inn for sending this out!

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Singularity University

Singularity University is the first major academic effort to study the acceleration of technological change. many believe will lead to the most profound changes the world has ever seen, first in the form of conscious computing and then perhaps as … Continue reading

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Is Two Million Gigabytes of Data Enough to Uncover the Mystery of the Big Bang?

Here’s a little clip about the Grid Computing facility that nabs and stores the data from the CERN Hadron Collider project.  Having forgotten 99% of my college physics math I still do not understand why it takes such massive power … Continue reading

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Intel: Computers Win by 2050

Intel’s Chief recently explored some of the innovations that are shaping technology, and suggested that computers will surpass humans in intelligence by 2050.    Although I think that is a pessimistic time frame, it is encouraging to see the notion of … Continue reading

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TED Conference non-attendee list publication proposal.

More important than Valleywag‘s mildly controversial publication of TED Conference attendees is my proposed publication of TED non-attendees, which would take a forest of paper and list some 6,499,999,000 of the world’s 6.5 billion people.    The non-TED list would have more dumb … Continue reading

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Kurzweil on cellular level computing

Ray Kurzweil is shaking up our idea of what will be with his amazing predictions about the future of computing – a future he thinks will soon lead to the emergence of computers so small and powerful they’ll drive our own thinking processes … Continue reading

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