Google Social Circle

Google labs is testing a very interesting new feature within the Google search results which lists and ranks content from people that have connections to your own social networks, websites, blogs, etc.   It’s called Google Social Circle and I think this approach has a lot of potential…

More to come  at Technology Report

3 thoughts on “Google Social Circle

  1. We will see what Google Buzz does…it does have to make FaceBook very nervous though. I think in the long run most people will regret ever getting involved in things like FaceBook as we continue in warp drive toward tyranny in this country the exposure on FaceBook is going to cause a lot of people a lot of grief.

  2. Interesting perspective as usual Mr. Glenn! I think we have a lot less to worry about from the Government than you do. In fact we are one of the “most free” countries that has ever existed, and most of our problems come from the Government’s “hands off” policies, not from the restrictions on liberties. Three quick examples:

    Very few Gun Controls: Although you can make a case that freedoom to bear arms is important and worth the great cost in lives, our failures to keep guns in check leads to about 30k deaths annually that you don’t see in gun control countries. Great example of Govt staying out of private lives at a great cost.

    Fewer regulations on businesses. I generally favor the free hand of the free market. Thankfully we have a lot more of this than other countries, so stop whining that we don’t.

    Far less social welfare than Europe. Most developed countries have superior or comparable social welfare programs at lower costs than ours. They pay a price in terms of innovation and productivity so it’s not clear which way to go, but it’s not something to fret over – our problems come from too little focus on innovative ways to help the poor, not too much.

    [oops you (and I) did it again…turned a tech thread into a political one!]

    • Joe

      #1 Stop comparing the USA to any other country. There is NO OTHER COUNTRY IN THE WORLD TO COMPARE TO. PERIOD. The European countries and their union is a failure. We have to stop this lowest common denominator mentality in this country. There is no excuse that we are NOT #1 in every category of measurement.

      Life is tough, it takes a lot of effort, tenacity intelligence stop thinking that somehow we can make a level playing field – that makes absolutely no sense. Life isn’t fair and by the way the definition of fair isn’t – take something from one person and give it to another.

      The social engineering in our country has been a complete failure and a lot of those gun deaths can be tracked back to the result of those failures.

      Criminals don’t typically use “legal” guns. Convicting the gun doesn’t work, never has work and anyone that wants or believes in gun control is a believer in the government controlling your life. The ONLY reason to limit or take away guns is because you want the government to take over and not have the possibility of a citizen uprising. We also need to enforce our laws – if you get convicted of a crime using a weapon then you should go to jail and stay their for your sentence. PERIOD. We can’t have people like Holder or Sotomayer deciding that a person should’nt be punished because of their race, religion or background.

      As far as regulations…we just need to punish the people that break the law and screw over people including those elected or appointed.

      Social welfare sucks…doesn’t work, demoralizes people, does nothing for them just makes the people in power or extreme liberals feel good because they don’t have a clue on how to actually solve the problem. They just put lipstick on it…pat themselves on the back and say man did we help those poor helpless slaves out. The solution is to find a way to turn those slackers into productive members of society paying taxes.

      Look at what Obama is going for today. Now they have warrantless wiretaps on ALL cellphones…Obama’s justification – people don’t expect privacy when they use a cell phone…seriously Joe you like that kind of stuff.

      But don’t worry it will be over this year. The revolution has started and November is going to clear out all these idiots.

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