Obama’s ONE mistake may be his ONLY mistake, but it’s still a BIG mistake.

How is Obama doing?   I remain a big fan of how Obama has approached international diplomacy, basically speaking softly without putting down the carrots and big stick that America probably needs to wield to avoid international meltdowns.   (We could do this carrot and stick work much more cheaply using more carrots and less sticks with new school technology, media,  marketing and innovation, but that’s another post).

In fact it is hard to imagine what Obama critics would be saying if  Obama had actually failed at something (aside from massive spending, a very legit concern.   But spending cuts require BOTH  entitlement and military cuts first, and that’s not going to happen because neither right or left will accept smart spending.     That Government that spends best, spends least.    There are few if any exceptions, and all the founders are rolling in graves right now as they note how bureacratic insanity has inflated budgets to unsustainable levels. Yet the Tea Partiers fret over the trivial spending on stupid things and ignore the massive waste, fraud, and abuses within our 550 billion annual defense budget – clearly the obvious target for massive reforms since it does NOT sustain infrastructure, it only (theoretically) protects it.

The Obama Record:   Obviously too early to say but the results so far are remarkable:

* Economy stabilizing after potential catastrophe.

* Most banks to repay all bailout money (a story that should be headlines, but does not suit the naive agendas of tea partiers, left wing, or even mainstream folks. Geitner’s plan is not completed, but appears to have been masterful.

* No major terror attacks in US or even internationally.

* Iraq improving.

* Afghanistan unclear, but early signs of improvement.

Aside from the very important and reasonable criticism that we may have simply bought our way out of all this with massive spending, what’s the beef of the critics?     They predicted economic collapse and international terror at unprecedented levels.   We’ve had neither.   Obama’s doing fine.

We should have worked harder to balance current federal and state budgets with massive military and entitlement cuts, but the Tea Party raving fringe combines with the Democratic spendthrifts and won’t allow that obvious solution.

Without massive military spending cuts, we have a completely unsustainable spending pattern. Until the fools that pretend to be conservative recognize this totally obvious fact, the US remains economically challenged.

P.S.  Sorry kids, my generation is spending your money.   A lot of it you’ll have to repay with huge future taxes and/or massive inflation.   And you don’t even know it.   Cya.

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  1. Glenn
    Nice to see there is conscious life on this planet. This is the country that can’t afford to spend less per capita to keep its citizens healthy instead of supporting ‘insurance’ fraud…but has unlimited funds to boost arms sales with foreign deployments, bases worldwide…and mercenaries without oversight either on activities or budget.
    What part of retargeting the American War Machine from Iraq to fresh meat bombed from on high aided by joystick-wielding air gunners piloting attack drones on spurious ‘intel’ do you find laudable ? Or mountaintop mining – a waterways poisoning exercise revealed at SourceWatch under Coal Ash – and drilling for oil in the ocean… when the results will be a pittance many years down the road ?
    This is different or better than McCain ?

    • I would like Al Gore to pay for massive environmental damage his family has done. Talk about a walking hypocrite he is a disgusting form of life.

      Horatiox…Obama’s nuke mumbo jumbo…watch how this plays out? It will be a disaster. You don’t go cut a deal with another country where you give everything up and they don’t have to. Just smoke and mirrors. In the long-run the truth will shine on this agenda and a whole lotta Obama supporters are going to have to face themselves in the mirror.

      Recents polls are now showing 80% of America does not trust the government and it has radically shot upward since the Democrats have been in control. Our system is broken, the players are corrupt and we are all going to pay dearly in the end.

      • Who knows, Glennster, but Russia was participating. So it’s an attempt.

        It appears Mr. Opit posted at New Worlds!

        Be forewarned, sir–they are not the easy-going sorts they appear to be, but more like L-Ron Hubbards meet Mitt Romney. The thug “byronius” who posted the youtube with the religious satire supports Romney, and is a fundamentalist sunday schooler.

        Blogging allows many phonies that opportunity. People can put on a cheesy two-bit pose (as liberal, conservative, techie, whatever)–but in reality many are hangin’ out at their favorite extremist rightist (or leftist site). As with B-ron–by day’s he’s at New Worlds, or DU,KOS, or plagiarizing silly graphix. At night he’s at David Duke.com. or his favorite log cabin-GOP mormon bondage site…


  2. Obama’s recent anti-nuke moves are somewhat impressive–he has at least brought people to the table. And I say that as one skeptical of demopublicans (including McCaint). It’s probably partially due to China’s recent increase in n-related madness.

    (Glennster, looks like you have an ideological soulmate with Opit…John Galt lives!)

    • Horatiox:

      Obama’s recent anti-nuke moves are somewhat impressive

      I agree with this and also that it’s a small step rather than a large one. Often the big threats are very hard to predict and harder to mange (Volcanos, terror attacks), so one reason I continue to support Obama is that he appears to be a better thinker than many. He’s certainly a better communicator which will come in handy if all hell breaks loose.

      Glenn I still will never understand how you can reconcile your belief that folks should be patriotic and very supportive of the constitution and the nation with your idea that pretty much the entire power base of Washington is unsustainably corrupt, and most oddly that the President deserves zero respect and 100% criticism regardless of his actions. Nations do not fare well with that approach, which simply wastes innovation and resources that could be used to solve problems.

      History will show that Obama spent too recklessly, but it will also show that his critics chose to gum up the system and make the whole mess even less efficient rather than bringing good ideas and real innovation to the table.

      • Joe if Bernie Madoff were an elected Democrat you would be making excuses for him…lol.

        But I will note your latest prediction about Obama…your track record in this area is quite comforting to me.


      • Seriously Joe…have you ever taken a statistics course?

        Take a minute, review the corruption in Chicago, the players, etc. (hint: start with Rezko)

        Connect up the players statistically, etc.

        It is mathematically impossible for an unknown like Obama to come up through the political machine in the manner that he did and actually be clean without corruption.

        Just because he is smart in subverting the US Constitution doesn’t qualify him as a thinker. He is a manipulator and is being heavily manipulated.

        You like George Soros, Al Gore, but you refuse to acknowledged their checkered pasts and their family connections.

        None of this adds up to anything wholesome or good for this country.

        These are a group of people that like to manipulate the population to do their bidding and to enable them to achieve massive amounts of power and wealth without really contributing anything of real value to mankind.

      • Take a minute, review the corruption in Chicago, the players, etc. (hint: start with Rezko)

        Connect up the players statistically, etc.

        there may be some corruption, but you need to…contextualize, Glennster. In comparison with BushCo and his pals in Texas petroleum, the Obama mafia seems fairly tame. The Rezko accusations also tend to be a type of islamophobia…(as with <a href="http://new-worlds.org/blog/?p=5592"the islamophobes of ..*ew Worlds)

  3. Horatiox you consistenly mistake me as a Bush supporter…LOL.

    Bush was horrible and Obama is Bush part deux!

    We need to end the career politician they are ruining our futures.

    Yeah the nut jobs that think pretty women are the cause for earthquakes…LOL…and somehow Obama wants to bow to these freaks and embrace their stone-age views. How is that possible?

  4. Yes Glenn I’ve taken stats but that does not lead me to worry that Obama is the manchurian communist you think he is – no evidence whatsoever supports that.

    Glenn you use “Guilt by association” a lot, and it’s not a valid concept. Of course Obama knew other people in Chicago politics and of course there is more corruption there than in most venues, but one of the reasons you can know Obama is squeaky clean is that he’s been under closer scrutiny than any pol in history and has passed with flying colors. It’s also just obvious on a personality profile level that Obama’s pretty much the guy he appears to be – bright and concerned and honest. The recent book by Mark Halperin about the presidential race noted that unlike some other candidates (Hilary, Edwards, McCain), Obama’s campaign did not have to waste valuable time managing his public persona and avoiding private problems because … the public and private Obamas are the same person.

    But… as usual you’ve pulled me into the ridiculous realm of the Obama discussion and I won’t go there much more. The key important issues today are how to conduct our foreign policy, how to stabilize the economy, and how to reduce the catastrophic level of US debt. Obama seems to be doing very well with the first two while ignoring the last.

    • Yeah Joe here are some more inconvenient stats from that right wing news org CBS. Obama’s grade after 1 year.

      The Economy

      Foreign Policy

      Health Care



      Threat of Terrorism

      Energy and the Environment

      Social Issues


      Obama’s Overall Job as President

      And somehow Joe you always end up with the very small minority in America that is still wildly excited thrill down their leg crowd.

      You say Obama is squeaky clean, been investigated like no other (yet the MSM admits they gave Obama a pass) yet there is one fact which you conveniently glaze over or don’t even recognize.

      One of the very first things Obama did was issue an executive order sealing all the records of his past…sorry but a squeaky clean person doesn’t do that.

      • Glenn – do NOT go into stats research dude!

        Do you have a link for that survey? Clearly not a scientific poll. It’s probably a worthless internet survey that was hijacked by opposition folks. It is meaningless, as when Hannity puts up a phone survey and 99% say “Obama stinks”. This is worthless info except as a study of Hannity fans.

        Even Rasmussen (scientific polling with a tendency to color the polling interpretations to cater to the right) has Obama with about 47% “approval” rating. This is down but does not support what you are saying at all.

        So, what would you do in Afghanistan – pull out?

    • Glenn our lobby/campaign finance system is defective but I think rarely corrupt in the sense most people mean – where votes are bought.

      Why are you are using the prosecution under Obama of Goldman as evidence of Obama’s corruption? If he was corrupt we’d never have had this case come to light! If Obama is not prosecuting you say “corrupt”, if he does you say “corrupt” – the evidence and data don’t affect you.

      There is the problem of money flowing to those who have similar ideas to those with the cash, which distorts things in similar ways. Fortunately there are competing interests which help balance things out. e.g. Insurance companies and Auto companies have different car safety agendas.

      Of course you are right there’s too much money flowing for candidates to see as straight as we’d want them to. Here are the details of Goldman’s 2008 contributions:


      Obama got just under a million, McCain about 230k. But what Goldman (and other firms) have done with the short sales is probably not related to this at all.

      • Joe it is corrupt by definition. Why spin, rationalize or change the definition of corruption because we somehow think it is a necessary evil.

        It isn’t, we need to eliminate it from our government.

        Let me ask you a question…if you bought auto insurance from a company and then you found out the level of corruption within the auto insurance company was jeopardizing their ability to honor your insurance policy if you submitted a claim…how long would you stay as a customer?

        We have the same problem in our government. They are wasting your hard earned money and there is absolutely no chance that you will ever receive what has been promised to you.

        This current situation is pure insanity and if we remain apathetic and do nothing about it the price we will force future generations to bear is unconscionable and quite frankly only cowards would accept this path and not do everything they can for their children and grand-children.

        These are not little adjustments in our government these are radical transformations that are just not inline with the majority of the country.

  5. Glenn at the very least you should address these policies rather than just rail against the process:

    1. Budget cuts. In gen terms how would you balance the budget, esp. wrt Defense cuts? Across the board cuts? Zero deficit?

    2. Foreign policy. What would you do in Iran, Iraq, Afghanistan? Would you fire Gates and Petraeus? If no, what are you complaining about as these are largely THEIR policies.

    3. Economy You oppose pretty much all stimulus spending, right? So how bad would you let things get before Govt intervention? So far the Obama plan has worked beautifully, though it has been very costly.

    • 1) Balance the budget – well you hit something on the head. We should make it de-facto law that we cannot approve or operate under any budget that isn’t fully balanced and can stand the same exact scrutiny that our government forces on everyone else.

      In that regard to manage what they can spend our tax system needs to be scrapped and replaced with either a flat tax or consumption tax model where Americans know exactly what their taxes are and we don’t have to wastes 10’s of millions of man hours a year to figure out what we should file and then have absolutely no chance of getting our returns right.

      Image a country where if the governement wanted to spend more money they would need to create a productive environment where the economy grew, more jobs were created and we produced our way out of any problem – that actually works and puts the governement on our side and not against us like they currently are.

      2) Foreign policy. Joe the world is far less stable today than it was before Obama was elected. Time will show that to be true. We will be very lucky if we don’t end up in WWIII before Obama is out. DPRK and South Korea are ready to blow, Israel,Iran and the Middle East are ready to blow, and not to mention the tension between Poland and Russia – there is lot more coming on this and that plane accident is going to reveal some very sincester things ongoing with Russia. If you want a solid read on foreign policy listen to John Bolton and Krauthammer they understand the issues and we are not on the right track.

      Where is the MSM reporting the casualties now? The hypocrisy is startling. Obama wouldn’t even admit his first plan for the “box” was flawed and cost us dearly he even tried to blame that on Bush. We have seen more soldiers die in the “box” since Obama took over than we have in the past 8 years there. SILENCE…

      3) You cannot spend your way out of a recession or depression. You have produce you way out of it. Do you actually believe the history, stats and policy facts from FDR are the truth today? They have completely revised history. It is a fact that FDR failed with his spending practices and when pushed Obama responded…well FDR failed because he just didn’t spend ENOUGH! That is what we are dealing with.

      Obama, et al think there is an endless supply of money, endless supply of their charisma to shape economic perception in the world, etc.

      Food prices jumped the highest they have in over 26 years, inflation is coming, they will spin and do many short-term financial moves that are going to be designed to help with the election cycle but they will only serve to cause more damage long-term.

      Almost everything you are hearing and reading about the economy is a myth and over and over again when the news is bad they keep adjusting how they track and calculate the numbers to paint a picture better than it appears.

      We have turn to actuaries to paint the economic picture instead of accountants.

      The Goldman scenario is a nightmare for Obama, he is up to his neck in this. As much as we all hated Enron and we riled Bush for his connections to Enron…Obama’s connection and depth is over 10 times deeper with Goldman than Bush was with Enron and the Goldman/Paulson fiasco are far bigger than Enron ever was or could be.

      The bottom line…we have the very same people that brought us here still in power and still calling the shots that just isn’t a formula for turn-around and success.

      • Glenn thanks for a long and thoughtful reply to the questions!

        IMO global stability is pretty high right now – I think higher than under GW but certainly much higher than in the cold war, when a nuclear war could have destroyed the world. We face potential catastrophic war but not the destruction of civilization which was the prospect under a USA vs USSR war.

  6. Obama and Biden will board separate jets in Washington on Earth Day morning to fly 250 miles up to New York, where they will land at separate airports to attend separate events within a few miles of each other… Jets will be forced to circle and burn more fuel as they wait for the VIPs to come and go…

    Remember last year when Obama burned over 9000 gallons of fuel.

    The hypocrisy and arrogance is mind-numbing.

    • You need to make exceptions for those who make decisions of world shaking importance every hour. Having Obama save gas like you are asking would be like having me walk 12 miles to pick up somebody at the airport and then walk them back.

  7. Obama in his first day in office signs an executive order that seals of his past records???

    Does that sound like a leader in a free country would do?

    Do that sound like a person who promised new levels of transparency would do?

    Why did the DNC and Pelosi amend their POTUS certifications in over 40 states and eliminate the langauge specific to the Article 2, Section 1 of the US Constitution?

    How come we sit after 15 months in office with over 62% of America questioning Obama’s status as a natural born citizen?

    Somehow the liberals think this is health for our country?

    The liberals response to people questioning this…keep in mind the majority of America questioning this…those people are just stupid.

    Well I would like to offer a comment from Stalin…someone the liberals worship. Stalin said the people that support him useful idiots.

    There is a smoking gun here with Obama’s birth situation and when the truth comes out it is going to cause an outrageous amount of trouble for this country. Was it really worth it?

    Why won’t Obama just settle the issue? Why won’t SCOTUS but the issue to bed?

    Because they know they can’t and it is wholly typical for the Democrats to subvert the US Constitution to create precedent. They can hardly do anything in the open and in the light of the day and that is the core problem with our country. There is very little honesty and ethics anymore.

  8. And Joe you even feel for the riling against the Tea Party.

    Now the Tea Party has been fully investigated by the MSM and at the end of the day they have found the following:

    The Tea Party is made up of mainly wealthier and better educated people.

    There are more women in the Tea Party then men.

    Police from varying districts around the country have come to the conclusion that the Tea Party demonstrations have virtually no crime or arrests associated with them. Night and day compared to the Vietnam protests.

    Yet somehow people still listen to the talking heads that the Tea Party is bad, violent, made up of idiots and according to self-avowed Socialist Bertha Lewis they are a bowel movement.

    So now we have a choice…people can either align themselves with the better educated, wealthier groups in this country or they can join Obama and his fellow socialists like ACORN, etc…

    To most the choice is now clear.

  9. Back again.
    What, where I choose to enter into a discussion says something about my ideas and opinions ? I’d say excuse me for living…but what I mean is…what dreck !
    Aligning with the better educated and wealthier people in this country is a mixed blessing : they are the ones not pulling their weight under a taxation system not aligned to expenses…and expenses hijacked by crooks and puffed up to insane levels. All this done under bipartisan payola.
    That’s not a ‘liberal-conservative’ problem : that’s surviving institutional corruption.

  10. That wasn’t the point Opit–it was just a heads-up. The New Worlds perps such as Byronia are not interested in rational discussion or debate of any sort; they’re running a little racket. It’s like a white-crip site (yes, they’re are some of ’em)–they should be piss-tested for crack, ASAP (and will, if all goes correctly).

    That said, I’m for increased tax burden on the wealthy (which ObamaCo appears to be pursuing), like millionaire class. Tax rates are still historically low (same in CA, where Prop. 13 along with Wilson, Enron and Ahhnoldnomics has gutted the state). Even under Nixon the ostentatiously wealthy paid more via income and capital gains taxes (approx. 60%+).

    • Horatiox most people wouldn’t mind taxes, even high taxes if the money were well spent.

      It just isn’t, they are reckless, there is little accountability, the crony payoff is outrageous.

      That is the core of the problem you can’t trust these people with YOUR money.

      Additionally the majority of America is rejecting social justice, it is an absurd concept and nothing more than a veil around another badly designed corrupt communist mechanism.

      You fix the reckless and foolish spending, you fix our government so corruption isn’t encouraged, you eliminate career politicians and people would be happy to pay taxes.

    • That’s not an accurate description of that article, Glennster. The Newsbusters are upset that some Slate writers have the nerve to criticize Wall Street financiers, Goldman Sachs, et al, and then complain about Tea party as “populists”: the Newsbuster crew approves of teabagger populism, but not the democratic sort which takes on corporate greed and the Uber-wealthy of the USA (really, that was the traditional sort, typical of the FDR admin.).

      • Horatiox yeah it really sucks when it isn’t accurate isn’t it.

        That was my point. The demonization of the majority of America by Obama and the radical lying hypocritical left is completely backfiring and these narcissistic idiots better wake up. Countries don’t do well when nearly 80% of the population hate and don’t trust their government and that number has skyrocketed since Obama seized power in this country.

        This is not going to end well at all.

  11. Compare and contrast to the Tea Parties…

    They are called illegals for a reason…they are criminals and they act like criminals.


    • Mixed feelings on that, Glennster. Let’s not forget that many companies hire illegal immigrants. In SoCal developers and agri-biz rake in huge profits because they use illegal labor and save millions on labor costs. Most of them are republicans as well. The companies who hire illegals should be fined and charged with crimes (and pay for any costs of deportation/transport). McCain and the AZ-GOP did not handle the problem reasonably, but with a police baton.

      That said, many so-called leftists are overreacting (like, predictably, the stoner-stalinists of New Worlds). If a person is not an illegal, there shouldn’t be any problem. Or are they saying all illegals have rights to citizenship?? That’s a bit extreme, yet there are some illegals who say that (in socal as well). Then what about all the 1000s (say asians and europeans) who are applying for US citizenship and using the system?? The mexicans seem to forget that.

      • The lefties just want to buy voters…that is the a big problem.

        However I am all for immigration, just through the front-door like millions before them.

        Companies that hire illegals shouldn’t be fined, they ought to be shut down and the owners fined for every penny they have. This is crap we need to stop it and we need people to come into this country through proper channels.

    • Nope. I think most studies show that illegal immigration does not have much effect on crime rates.

      However I have no solution for the immigration problems since neither open borders or massively increased enforcement seem to be reasonable approaches. It’s a problem that needs to wait for better solutions to present themselves.

    • Interesting.

      Perhaps we should give the immigrants some standardized tests, AND give the same tests to…WASP locals. Then, compare contrast, etc. and send all the WASPs who can’t read, write or solve pie-graph problems (or tell the difference between ser y estar for that matter) back to mexico, and let the intelligent immigrants stay. 🙂

      • Horatiox,

        We have a legal process for immigration. We just want people to come here through the front-door. I know many legal aliens in this country, they are wonderful people and they have absolutely no problem with the process.

        Also their green cards specifically state that they must carry them 24/7 and be prepared to present when asked. So all this BS you hear in the press about LEO forcing people to prove their status is just bunk.

        The majority of legal aliens also support the measures to enforce immigration.

        Some people especially liberals love to give a free ride for anything illegal immigration, pedophiles, serial killers all because they think these people will vote for them 🙂

        The liberals in the country have achieved a new level of absurdity and the backlash is coming.

        It is too bad that people just can’t realize this is a middle-right country and that is where the majority of legislature should be based on.

  12. I’m still waiting to see the difference between the Obaminator and ‘Drill,Baby,Drill’ McCain…for oil that will increase available stocks 5% in 23 years. And then there’s this :
    Capping the renegade wellhead spewing 42,000 gallons of oil a day into the Gulf of Mexico will take an unprecedented effort by British Petroleum and federal agencies. Trying to shut off a well 5,000 feet below the ocean surface has never been done. http://www.truthout.org/oil-spill-gulf-mexico-disaster-growing-moment58925

  13. Supporters of offshore drilling in the US–like the republicans, and quite a few DINOs as well (like Feinstein)–should be forced to watch this ugly event unfold; that could be off of Ventura in a few years . And say thanks to BP, UK’s version of Exxon.

  14. ‘Just whose side is he on, anyway ?’
    What part of Government by Lobbyists do you not understand ? BiPartisan Corruption.

    While everyone is busy chasing their tail on stuff that is at best distractions – sex and drugs – some really weird shit is going on.

    Don’t everybody raise your hand at once when I ask how many have read up on when Nelson Rockefeller was head of the CIA. He had some projects in Central and South America with corporate farming that tanked big time. If you wanted to deliberately destroy agriculture you couldn’t do much better than the’Green Revolution.’

    In http://opitslinkfest.blogspot.com/2009/07/corporate-farming.html I got http://www.huffingtonpost.com/maria-rodale/growing-evidence-that-che_b_483987.html

    But I’m just getting rolling
    Current TV has a group following water news : and they do some ag too. Whether I’m ‘Left’ ‘Right’ or ‘Spinny’ there’s scary stuff people.

    HOME – by the Home Project

  15. I found Obama’s recent Al-Sharpton-ish rants about the AZ law rather unconscionable–even as one who usually supports blue-dog-Demo policies. It’s not a great policy–but it’s arguably a response to inept Fed. patrolling of the border.

    The Demos now have decided to use the AZ law for some rabble-rousing rhetoric, with Sharpton making typical stupid comments (that’s Hitlerism, homies). No wonder many of us moved from Demo to independent years ago.

    • Obama, et al are inciting violence Horatiox. They rip into the peaceful Tea Party demonstrators where arrests are non-existent even though 100’s of thousands of them have demonstrated every week.

      Look at the violence happening over this and look at the violence in the NY bank yesterday all by the incited liberal law breakers.

      The majority of legal aliens in this country fully support the AZ law and now Obama et al, want to circumvent the law just because the want to further manipulate the country and the November elections.

      This is all going to backfire and a lot of innocent people are going to pay the price for this outrageously arrogant administration – it is fully Un-American.

  16. And now we find out the Time Sqaure POS scumbag bomber is a registered Democrat from CT. Connected to Muslim scumbag terrorists.

    Yet MSNBC claimed it was going to be someone from the Tea Party and Bloomberg said it had to be someone against Obamacare.

    Yet another domestic terrorist this year and ALL of them have been democrats. NO ONE SOURCE OF VIOLENCE from a Tea Party member or Conservative.

    IT IS ALL COMING FROM THE SCUMBAG LEFT and for me I am getting pretty sick of it.

  17. I m not supportive of the Limbaughites’ usual know-nothing reaction to the gulf oil spill. The Demo’s refusal to hold BP responsible for the oil spill seems fairly typical of the Dem’s corporate views, however (to be noted on big sites like HuffPo, or small, like New Delusional Worlds–instead they’re trying to drag in other companies, subcontractors, etc–anything to shift the blame away from their sugar daddy BP (the “principal” in legalese). BP contributes thousands to Demo. candidates, including Obama, and GoreTech —

    • What is really disgusting is how the DNC is using the death of Americans at that BP spill as an excuse to raise money for Obama.

      The DNC and this administration are a complete disgrace to this country.

    • While the BP oil geyser pumps millions of gallons of petroleum into the Gulf of Mexico, President Barack Obama and members of Congress may have to answer for the millions in campaign contributions they’ve taken from the oil and gas giant over the years.

  18. Who’s bull-sh**tting more? FoxCo or, say, CBS/MSNBC? Katie Couric’s about the same as a Glenn Beck, just paid a lot mo’. Different branches of the Ministry of Information

    • You are right about that Horatiox…it is a shame that no one absolutely no one cares about the truth anymore.

      People just don’t realize how slippery a slope this is and at the bottom of the hill bad stuff awaits.

      Isn’t it ironic that we have a President that absolutely has no problem sharing top secret information about our nuclear stockpiles with our enemies but he won’t share his schools records, voting records in IL legislature, his scholarship information and not even his original birth certificate.

      What a joke he is!

  19. BTW Glenn While I may not hold court with Glenn Beck – LOL – that doesn’t mean I don’t think Cap ‘n Trade isn’t a scam. Think about it : a Carbon Tax is an international tax on the use of fire. If you want to talk globalization wet dream…that is it !
    Among the cute articles I’ve collected is what happened to derail Copenhagen. The short story is that the Danes leaked a planned switcharoo of the UN position papers given to people attending the conference. The small countries were smelling a rat anyway once they realized the Obama papers were designed to give preference to established polluters.
    Don’t be surprised that I’ve given argument and counter argument around the ‘Anthropogenic Global Warming’ evidence vs. ‘Deniers’ framed as saying simply that the argument is dishonest.
    It’s all dishonest. My ‘take’ on the summary leads me to note at least as much likelihood of global cooling – wouldn’t that be a lovely time to limit access to heat ; guaranteed profits and ‘lawbreakers’ – and association of increased carbon dioxide both with global cooling and as a delayed reaction to past events. This while the records indicate civilization flourished at much warmer temperatures than we are experiencing now at the end of the melting of the residue of the Little Ice Age.
    Search Engines don’t do it justice.

    • I have seen Beck’s show once this year so far. However people send me his clips every now and then. You don’t have to like Beck but he does find some very interesting stuff.

      Cap & Trade is a total scam they have already directly linked the carbon exchanges in Europe to organized crime and I wouldn’t doubt it if that was discovered here as well.

      It is amazing to me in this day and age that people still ignore all the unscrupulous connections that politicians maintain. None of them are good for you and me, we are controlled by special interest now and we are living in a perpetual opposite day. Just the spending alone should be enough to convince any rational and reasonable person that the folks in charge are completely off their rockers.

      The correction is coming.

  20. horatiox
    LOL Orwell called it the ‘Ministry of Truth’ : and called what he was writing ‘fiction’ to get it past the censors. He was still harassed by the secret police.

  21. Ministry of Information was the name for the state Truth department in Gilliam’s “Brazil.” We live in Orwellian times, with hysteria cases on extreme right and left–really, the actions of the FoxCo-Tea party right resulting in leftist reaction, arguably. The MSM didn’t even show much of the recent immigrant protests in LA, with at least 60,000 people out in the streets with Che Guevara flags…and red ones too. Enough to give a Glennster nightmares…

    • opit, I noted you posted to ..New Worlds! Speaking of right-wing reactionaries…that strange crew of Mitt Romney supporters-on-crack fancy themselves liberals, but …are like their secret hero Mitt, no more democratic than the LDS or Scientology. Larouchies as they used to be known (and Demos are hardly innocent–a Diane Feinstein hardly different in politics than Dick Cheney…actually DiDi and her man Blum probably raked in more shekels from war-profiteering than Cheney)


      Scroll through some of his posts where he quotes prussian generals, eugenicists, Winston Churchill, RA Heinlein. Even a few sane Demo bloggers are on to their hype…

  22. Frankly I didn’t pay much attention to it : not like here,forinstance,where I’ve tracked back-and-forth somewhat because there was sane feedback.
    I don’t mind opinions and vehemence : but too often all you get is ‘character references’ from people who don’t want to talk about what is going on. Saying ‘nyah,nyah,nyah I can’t hear you’ would be a fair characterization.
    Where I honestly try to keep an open mind. Call it a character flaw in a world of argument and counter argument. Digging for facts requires you really don’t care – it’s not important ‘what I think’…just what is.

    • Digging for facts requires you really don’t care – it’s not important ‘what I think’…just what is.

      I like this point, however since most of us do care about outcomes and ideas it’s not always easy to maintain objectivity. I think a good mental exercise is to make different cases as strongly as you can for different perspectives – as if you had no emotional or money skins in the games.

  23. horatiox
    Whoa. You said I posted ? Not to the best of my recollection. Oh, I always thought anyone who read Heinlein would soon understand that he thought vets took a screwing – most, including vets themselves, have no clue how much. And I only bumped into LaRouche once I did that search for an underlying rationale for the incessant misrepresentation of nations which used nuclear power facilities ‘from the wrong supplier’ – blogged Dec 20 under Afghanistan,etc. and Dec 4 under Global Warming Scam. In other words, it was geopolitics and monitoring bullshit that brought me to understanding something was ‘rotten in Denmark’ : not an adoption of Revelation from some self-styled Messiah.
    If you pick up on that, it was only then that science writer Dr. John v. Kampen would open up on what he really thought was going on : because we had lots of prior back and forth in Opera Community. And I did, of ourse, give him credit for his tips.

  24. a world of argument…

    where? I don’t think most in blogland are interested in reasoned debate–and many bloggers are really not qualified to offer informed critiques (say of global warming issues–Ive read a bit, yet don’t claim to have mastered the topic at all…the analytical chemistry involved itself quite advanced…).

    The Tea-party seems a bit more guilty than the left in this regard (tho’….some leftists are as prone to emotional irrational thinking and snap-judgements as the biblethumping right are). Or you get online mental patients like Byronius, who will code-switch from Al Gore pop-liberalism to Mitt Romney-theocracy within the space of a paragraph or so.

  25. Kagan is a socialist Joe…why would a non-socialist nominate a socialist for SCOTUS…

    ANSWER they wouldn’t.

    Obama is a socialist wake up!

  26. No, Glennster. Corporate ivy league all the way. Even some conservatives like Kagan. She’s approved by Larry Summers as well. The Glenn Beckius’s will support her.

  27. President Obama has expanded the very small group of top aides who are given the privilege of taxpayer-funded personal drivers — who take them from their house to work and back home again each day — to include two top political advisers.

    The Bush White House did not give the same privileges to any of its political advisers, according to former Bush administration officials. There is a record of the Clinton White House doing so once for two months, according to documents obtained by The Daily Caller.

    Valerie Jarrett and David Axelrod, both senior advisers to the president, have been given the luxurious and prestigious perk of being picked up at their homes and driven to work or around town throughout the day in government vehicles chauffeured by military drivers, according to a list of those given the benefit provided to The Daily Caller by the White House.

    In addition, Jarrett has been made a “protectee” of the Secret Service, a spokesman for the agency said. It is not clear to what extent Jarrett receives protection. Neither the White House or Secret Service would comment on the matter.

    Can you say dictator?

    • NONSENSE and B.S.! Glenn you *cannot* see straight when it comes to Obama issues, but it’s do damn obvious that we need to protect people who have sacrificed much of their personal safety and wealth to serve the country. You have every right to be critical of any decisions / actions/ people, but the notion that providing protection to those who serve the country is totally unreasonable This is a country where our stability and progress comes at great personal price to those who serve the national interest. That goes for Dick Cheney as well as Valerie Jarrett.

      Are you suggesting we should not protect the white house staff? Ridiculous.

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