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There’s some tweaking and LOTS of changes needed for old pages, but I’m getting happy with the new look of the Airports Blog and Airport and Airlines Directory I’m trying to resurrect after many years of neglect and abuse. was initially the web’s largest collection of airport records – about 28,000 database records in an early online version of a failed dedicated system developed to help navigate several airports around the country.

I bought it years ago and despite early successes I managed to offend Google with the link structure and low quality.  The irony of the experience was that I actually did NOT deploy a lot of the clever ideas I had for fear Google would lower my good ranking for many Airport related terms.      Eventually Google downranked the site but now seems to be happy with QuickAid as a prominent Airport Directory, so it’s time to make it … much better.

This process will take some time, but, like I keep explaining to mom about my real estate projects ….  it’s going to be … great when I’m done!

Airline Phones and Websites

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