104 Wagner Street, Talent, For Sale

Hello and thanks for asking about the Historic Wagner Street House in Talent, Oregon right across from the post office.     The lot size is about 11,000 square feet and the house is a 2 bedroom one bath craftsman built about 1911.   There is also a large shed on the lot.

This was the residence of one of Talent’s early families and I was told that they ran a pole making operation across the street at what is now the Talent Post Office, turning logs into poles that were loaded onto the train.

House Details coming soon.

This is one of Talent’s best commercial locations although it’s currently zoned for “mixed use” or residential, which means that you could run a business and live there.    Any  sale can be made contingent on rezoning the large lot as commercial – in the past the planning department indicated this would probably be acceptable depending on the commercial use that is planned.

Many basic repairs are needed to restore the house to it’s historical beauty.   I’m hoping to have most of those completed in Spring of 2011, I’m planning to ask  for $265,000 when those are done.  I can offer excellent owner financing options with a modest down payment.    I’ll consider lower offers for the house in “as is” condition but please don’t send me lowball offers – I’m not in a hurry to sell this house.   This is a great mixed use / business location in one of Oregon’s most wonderful cities and the right buyer will come along eventually.

I’ll be posting more information here as the remodel continues, but also feel free to email me jhunkins@gmail.com or  call me at 541-324-4800 or 541-535-7640

…. to be continued …

1 thought on “104 Wagner Street, Talent, For Sale

  1. I see that it’s been a long time since this was written. I am interested in talking about the house. You can email or call 541-326-1519

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