Shakespeare’s Play List

From Open Source Shakespeare

Shakespeare’s plays,
listed by number of lines

List plays by genre + alphabetically + by date

Total lines in all plays: 34,896
Total plays: 37
Average per play: 943

A “line” is either words spoken by a character, or
a stage direction — anything from a one-word shout
to a full soliloquy.

Lines Play Genre

1,361 Antony and Cleopatra Tragedy
1,309 Othello Tragedy
1,301 Troilus and Cressida Tragedy
1,250 Hamlet Tragedy
1,240 Coriolanus Tragedy
1,224 Richard III History
1,181 King Lear Tragedy
1,163 Merry Wives of Windsor Comedy
1,123 Love’s Labour’s Lost Comedy
1,062 Much Ado about Nothing Comedy
1,034 All’s Well That Ends Well Comedy
1,031 Twelfth Night Comedy
990 Romeo and Juliet Tragedy
987 Henry IV, Part II History
987 Measure for Measure Comedy
979 Cymbeline History
965 Taming of the Shrew Comedy
949 Henry VI, Part III History
943 Two Gentlemen of Verona Comedy
921 Henry VI, Part II History
895 Julius Caesar Tragedy
884 Henry IV, Part I History
872 As You Like It Comedy
870 Timon of Athens Tragedy
853 Henry V History
814 Winter’s Tale Comedy
788 Henry VIII History
787 Henry VI, Part I History
765 Macbeth Tragedy
756 Pericles History
722 Merchant of Venice Comedy
702 Tempest Comedy
664 Comedy of Errors Comedy
662 Titus Andronicus Tragedy
636 Richard II History
621 King John History
605 Midsummer Night’s Dream Comedy

3 thoughts on “Shakespeare’s Play List

  1. Forsooth, Sir Duck! Now I know why I sort of fancied Midsummer Night’s Dream, yet Othello fancied not (tho’ Iago on the other hand is quite entertaining).

  2. i am reading Othello right now and my teacher wants a list of Shakespeares plays in the 3 genres (histories, comedies, tragedies) but i cant type it, write it by hand, or copy and paste it to a page on my computer. I have to print it off a website…..i need to find a website though….do you know where i can kind a printable list??

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