Day 180 of the Davies’ Happy Meal Project

Day 180, 2010 Sally Davies Happy Meal Project

Originally uploaded by sally davies photo

Sally Davies took pictures of a MacDonald’s burger and fries for 6 months. Most viewing these, and I’m guessing Sally, would suggest this shows something about the unhealthiness of MacDonald’s food.

The problem with that “logic” is that the same approach using, say, a Big Mac and a Coke – a far less healthy meal than this reasonable meat and potato meal – would be a nasty mess.

Michael Pollan, crusader against fast food for both reasonable and silly reasons, has suggested that rotting food is a good sign of healthy food, and I think this test may have been inspired by that somewhat twisted logic.

A natural foods challenge that is not discussed nearly enough is that while unprocessed, unpreserved foods often offer the nutritional benefits of complexity, protein balancing, and more, they also
generally carry a greater risk of spoilage and in that case can harbor some very nasty bacteria.

Moderation, in all things …

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1 Response to Day 180 of the Davies’ Happy Meal Project

  1. Thank you for informing to us about the unhealthy food but some filipinos is addict on eating burger and we can’t deny on it. We must control now ourselves to prevent foods that are unhealthy.

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