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Ankle Sprains and Basketball Study – Braces work for “virgin ankles” as well as previously sprained ankles

A new study of ankle bracing suggests that you probably should be wearing one during active  sports like basketball or tennis even if you have NOT had an ankle injury: The surprise finding was that the bracing did NOT … Continue reading

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Red Meat Study: Eat a burger, lose 37 minutes of life

A new study from Harvard links red meat consumption to health problems and higher mortality.  Although the negative health stuff has been known for some time, this study is more authoritative in terms of large sample and long study period. … Continue reading

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Vaccinations WORK and are extremely safe. All informed “debate” is over, Vaccinate your children!

Whilst researching the status of polio in India I ran across a US website ranting about the (almost entirely imaginary) “dangers” associated with vaccines. Sad to see so many in the USA still so persistent with their opposition to the … Continue reading

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Rotator Cuff Exercises

After starting up Tennis again I’m already experiencing what I think is a rotator cuff irritation so it’s time to look for some rotator cuff exercises so hopefully I can play without injury or pain.   It’s hard getting old! … Continue reading

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Weight and lifespan / longetivity

This really interesting summary just popped up in some research of the effect of weight on lifespan.  In the very interesting advocacy documentary film “Fathead”  (which I’ll review at length later), it’s suggested that fat people tend to live longer. … Continue reading

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Day 180 of the Davies’ Happy Meal Project

Day 180, 2010 Sally Davies Happy Meal Project Originally uploaded by sally davies photo Sally Davies took pictures of a MacDonald’s burger and fries for 6 months. Most viewing these, and I’m guessing Sally, would suggest this shows something about … Continue reading

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Changing the world, one PR firm at a time

The CES 2010 pitches are coming in strong now as John and I get ready to cover the year’s biggest technology event over at  Technology Report. I was so happy today to see one of them signing off saying they … Continue reading

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