Sites down – frustrating Godaddy experience [update – resolved !]

UPDATE:   Thanks to what looks like some personal attention from Bob Parsons, CEO of Godaddy [his comment is below] all my issues appear resolved now, sites are back up, and they are on a stronger server system that can take the extra traffic that appears to have caused the problem where my sites were shut off.

I want to thank Bob and his staff for the remarkable attention starting last night – I think after a tweet to him about this.



Although I appreciate GoDaddy’s very low prices and generally good support they have really messed me up for the next few days.

My modest ad campaign to boost the traffic at my new Medical Traveling blog overloaded the (older style) server so they moved me to a new one to “diagnose the problem”, which means up to 72 hours of downtime depending on DNS propagation.     I assumed – wrongly – that a surge in traffic would not be a problem given their hype about load balancing and world class data centers, etc.    I think the Godaddy marketing is once again out of whack with what you are getting.       But I do take some responsibility here for naively thinking I’d have “world class hosting” at very low cost.    I also give their Tech team kudos for at least calling me up when this happened so I could start explaining to people why my sites are down.

As is often the case CEO Bob Parsons is busy dreaming up provocative commercials rather than innovating for his customers.   Simple fix for this would have been to FORWARD traffic to a temporarty website rather than move them without forwarding.     I think I can configure this myself but now it may interfere with getting the DNS worked out at the new location.    This should have been done as part of the migration process – it’s a no brainer and could have been automated.

Very frustrating Godaddy, and you may have cost me the trip to Thailand that was a reason I was working  on Medical Traveling blog in the first place.

As is often the case with narrow minded IT approaches they did not anticipate the very negative consequences when heavy traffic (a GOOD THING) crashes the website.   They  solved their  problem and left me hanging out to dry.

5 thoughts on “Sites down – frustrating Godaddy experience [update – resolved !]

  1. We recommend that you post a video complaint on and link it to the forum for dissatified GoDaddy customers and employees.

    There is also a customer class action forming for issues such as yours. Info at web site.

    • Numerous GoDaddy sites are down since yesterday. Actuations being thrown back and forth. Has GoDaddy been hit with a massive malware / virus? I have talked with some other GoDaddy customers they are down also.

  2. Hi Joe,

    Just came across your post. I want to assure you of two things:

    1. We are now working to get to the bottom of this and will do so quickly.

    2. Your comment about us not paying attention to customer service/innovation is unwarranted. We focus most of our time in exactly that area and there is no one that a posting such as yours troubles more than us. So you can be sure we’ll get it sorted out in record time.

    Bob Parsons

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