Saigon 134 Pho at Pho Le

Saigon 134

Originally uploaded by JoeDuck

Ho Chi Minh City / Saigon is home to some of the best soup in the world. Here at Pho Le we enjoyed some really good Pho along with the owners shouting at each other and staff as the patrons swirled in and out off the street. Piles of basil, sprouts were on the shared tables. About $2 for a huge breakfast bowl.

The people of Saigon have been very welcoming and friendly. The press of humanity is both exhausting and fun in this city of about ten million, spread over many miles of tiny shops, restaurants, and busy streets flowing over with scooters, taxis, and people.

1 thought on “Saigon 134 Pho at Pho Le

  1. Good report Joe. Picture looks sumptuous. Enjoy your travels. I’m finally home from Beijing. Posted pictures of Tea House alley near Forbidden City on FB.

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