Halong Bay, Vietnam

Halong Bay, Vietnam

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A tragic boat accident happened yesterday at Halong Bay only a few days after our visit. Twelve died when a boat sunk – one very similar to the one we slept in at Halong.

Standards will have to change as Vietnam upgrades tourism infrastructure to meet what should be a growing demand to see a great country.

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3 Responses to Halong Bay, Vietnam

  1. FoolsGold says:

    Lack of inspections and lack of live preservers or lack of trained personnel is not infrastructure its cultural.

  2. FoolsGold says:

    Preliminary news reports:
    A valve that allows water to enter the boat to cool the engine was left open while the vessel was anchored for the night and the engine was off, preventing a pump from running.

  3. horatiox says:

    Tragic incident.

    That said, I doubt that the Vietnamese govt., still nominally socialist, completely approves of the tourism business. Back in the day, as it goes, the comrades–including HO Chi Minh– considered tourism a form of capitalist exploitation. It brings in some shekels to some, but…dicey–sort of like casino-economics as a whole. Take care, Duck.

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