Obama and Cameron Playing Table Tennis in England

Let’s hope future China negotiations don’t count on any Ping Pong Diplomacy from these guys, though President Obama seems to have some potential.



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2 Responses to Obama and Cameron Playing Table Tennis in England

  1. My new but used the Canon S11 has arrived in the mail. Looking so forward to taking movies and photos with it, especially on my trips. x

  2. horatiox says:

    Obama looks rather comfy schmoozing with Torys and royals, does he not. The DINO-in-chief.

    Then, most Demopublicans know little or nothing about US history, or the meritocratic premises of the American Revolution itself–ie, contra-the so-called Divine Right of Kings, and any titles of nobility (ie Davey Cameron’s ancestors). Obscenely rich peasants–a Stevie Jobs or Bill Gates, for example– are still peasants, according to Jeffersonian criteria–who objected to royals, but not to the “aristocracy of the intellect” (ie, most corporate execs/entrepreneurs are not doctors, engineers, professors,etc but merely very successful at the software/finance casino). Rational politics, in a nutshell

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